Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Edna Mopbucket is back from her hols

Edna rang me tonight to tell me about the big supermarket decision taken in Llandrindod Wells this afternoon. She was down there doing a bit of temping, while some of the Council employees were on 'union' activities. As it happens she overheard a Council Board discussion going on about the support given to Council employees which enables them to carry out this 'union' work. It appears that not everyone is happy with the status quo. It seems that the Council pays various staff for 14 days per annum when they are actually working on 'union' activity - and that only 30% of the staff are actually union members anyway. She explained to me that some councillors thought the other 70% were 'freeloading' on the 30% who pay there union subs - while others thought that there should be some form of recognition for the 70%. Discussion turned quite nasty she said.

Edna couldn't give a damn about the principles. As far as she is concerned, she thinks the Council should give them 100 days for 'union' activity. It means an extra few bob she can put to one side for her next holiday.

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