Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The US Presidential Election.

The US election is attracting a lot of interest in the UK. It seems to me to have gripped the interest almost as much as the National Assembly for Wales elections last May. I'm sure it won't be a decisive factor, but its time to think about where this blog is going to place its support. So far, there has been only prediction, half of which has already gone down the pan, and half of which is hovering on the edge. When it started, I thought that Hillary Clinton would beat Mike Huckabee in the final.

On the Republican side, I am for John McCain - and I both think and hope that he will go on to win. But what about the Democrats. I wasn't fussed about this, but some of the dirty stuff that we've been reading about from the South Carolina primary has tipped me over into the Obama camp. Mind you, reading about the endorsement from Senator Teddy Kennedy is enough to make anyone think twice. And I really would not like to call the result of a McCain-Obama final in November. I think McCain would beat Clinton.

My concerns about Obama have been that he seems such a lightweight. His speeches could be delivered by almost anyone. Question is "Does it matter?" Well I don't think it matters over everything else. I've never thought a leader needed to be a policy wonk or a great brain. A leader needs to connect, have an instinct for the mind of the people and the ability to inspire. There's been some discussion of the Gipper on this blog over recent days and nobody fitted the bill better than him - and I think Obama may have it as well.

And then there's the Clintons, packed with experience and oratorical brilliance and a great intellect (in Bill's case anyway). They leave me cold. I have to admit that I always thought Bill Clinton was a brilliant sleazeball - and Hillary is damaged by association as far as I'm concerned. The resort to ever so subtle 'racism' is typical of them - not so much the racism, which was heavily disguised, but the willingness to stoop to whatever it takes to win, no matter how dirty. The attempt to turn the election into a black and white election is what really finished off my preparedness to at least consider backing Mrs Clinton. John McCain simply would never stoop that low. Roll on super-duper Tuesday.


Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Well, me and mum just watched the State of the Union address. Was that Bush speaking? A different more laid back Bush. Perhaps Bush is going to quit and let Cheney into the driving seat. There's a thought.

penlan said...

I agree with you about the Clintons.On the other hand,there may be advantages in having a Welsh American as President-look how the Irish have always milked connections.I thought Swansea missed a trick in not asking her to open the new stadium-it is in Landore where her family emigrated from.

Che Grav-ara said...

I think your bucking the current Tory trend aren’t you Glyn. Your colleagues (Bourne, Morgan, Cameron) have been falling over themselves for the popularist vote in supporting Obama!

I think you make some interesting points about Obama being weak on substance, but I hope he wins the nomination over Clinton if not only to put an end to the farce that would result in a Bush - Clinton - Bush - Clinton presidential line. How can such dynasties exist in a democracy I don't know!

Still one thing we do defiantly agree on is the excitement and interest in this race. I am not particularly old and so maybe it is one of the first US elections where I have been politically motivated to take an interest, or maybe it is because there is a real chance for a radical alternative to the middle aged white American president but this race has really caught the imagination.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

I have to agree with you Glyn, the Clintons have strayed into wrong territory such is their desire to get back into the White House they are prepared to damage the Democratic Party and America's national interest and so they must fail with such tactics. 'Success' from the Clintons' perspective would undermine both the Democratic Party and national cohesion. It is not in the pubic interest that the Clintons win the Democratic nomination.

Anonymous said...

I am supporting Hilary, having read her autobiography and seen where she came from,I have a lot of respect for her.
She is a force in her own right and far superior to her husband in intellect.
Obama to me doesnt quite ring the bell- theres a thud there

Glyn Davies said...

Not many votes for the Clintons on this blog then

young cynic said...

being entitled to power, are you sure the Clinton's haven't been taking lesson from Welsh Labour.

Does it matter which party or person gets in in the USA, its just a change of personnel after all as it is in Britain.

Glyn Davies said...

VM - I was sitting on the Democrat fence until the goings on in the South Carolina primary. There can be no doubt that Bill Clinton has become an integral part of his wife's campaign - and he resorted to dirty tactics which have damaged Hillary, in my opinion. The judgement now has to be between Obama and the Clintons - and that was Hillary's choice. She have left him to just carry her bag.

Anonymous said...

I originally favoured Gulliani as the best bet to stop Clinton from destroying Western Civilisation, but he seems to have faded out of contention. I think Clinton stands a stronger chance of getting to the Whitehouse than Obama simply because I feel the American public are more accepting of a woman president than a black one. McCain is the closest to my views in politics, but I fear his tough stance on Russia, with whom we should be trying to co-operate against terrorism, is not a good way to secure long term world peace.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

VM - Hillary Clinton grew up in a rather nice part of Chicago, Park Ridge - it's on the city boundary, so lots of senior Chicago employees (e.g., senior cops, admin staff, city lawyers, etc.) live there making it a very safe neighborhood, I've visited there a few times. One of my best friends lives in Park Ridge, he's a lawyer (his other half is from Sweden and works as a GP in a shared practice); it's a middle class neighborhood. Hillary is not from a poor background, she had it pretty good.

I can't say that I am over the moon with Obama (who also hails from Chicago); there are some red flags - his long time working relationship with Rezko being one. But despite the red flags and really stupid bone-headed decisions that Obama has already admitted I would rather Obama win over the Clintons given the recent racial antics of the Clintons. Hillary is so power hungry she won't stop even if it means hurting her own party (Democratic Party) and the USA. This is unforgivable - if Hillary wins the nomination and the Presidency her Presidency will start off in a very tarnished state. I don't think America can afford a Hillary Clinton White House. Imho, the Democratic Party must ditch Hillary Clinton faster than light-speed.

frankie said...

Not sure why you are so against Hilary Clinton Glyn, I think she is a highly intelligent woman and was probably the power behind the throne when Bill was in charge! She has so much political experience, and wouldn't it be wonderful to see an articulate president of America instead of the idiot that's been in the White House for these past years?

Obama does nothing for me, and I think he would be a mistake - he has no experience and some of the speeches he has made have made me wince.

Glyn Davies said...

roman - Gulliani just blew it by not starting until it was too late. He's not at theraces any more.

christopher - I don't feel as strongy as you seem to, but my opinion has moved towards Obama for the same reason as you.

frankie - I don't feel that strongly about this - and was on the fence until the unpleasant campaign in South Carolina. Hillary cannot disassociate herself from what Bill did, and she has damaged her cause with many people, including me.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Frankie> all what you say might be true. However, imho Hillary hides what she truly thinks and has exhibited some startling Stalinist tendencies. Hillary is not against using the FBI or the IRS to hassle her opponents. Hillary imagines a lot of stuff, which is also worrying. I do wonder if Hillary will adopt some very despicable tactics involving using FBI records on politicians to threaten or coerce them into either quitting or voting the way she wants them to vote in Congress.

That Hillary is power mad is clear given her recent record these past few weeks where she has allowed her campaign for nomination to take on very strong racial undertones. What’s more, Hillary has a long long long memory. I would not be surprised if Hillary became President and people started disappearing.

Her politics (the politics that Hillary takes great pains to hide, please note: Hillary’s voting record in the Senate does not reveal Hillary’s true political nature). Hillary might well set out to chill debate, twist democracy to wipe out her opposition. I kid you not.

Hillary is a big worry.

Now that the Kennedy’s have endorsed Obama, along with Kerry et al., if Hillary gets into the White House, the Kennedy clan had better watch their backs. When Hillary gets into town there will be some under-the-bed gunfire.

Frankly, America might not survive Hillary Clinton.

Call Bush what you like, at least he is leaving, if Hillary gets into the White House, she might not ever leave.

Picture a blood sucking garden slug or garden snail, with the host/victim being the US Constitution.

Hillary is a real concern, she might use the levers of government not against America’s enemies, but against Americans she thinks stands in her way, or stood in her way, or might stand in her way.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Hey Glyn: I hear McCain's secret in winning FL is found somewhere hidden on your blog. You just have to find the secret to beat out Lembit Opik!

Glyn Davies said...

Christopher - I'm going to try hard work and committment to Montgomeryshire.

Anonymous said...

looks like McCain has got it in the bag after Guilianis endorsement.