Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Barbados Report No 7

Perhaps it was the promise, in writing on his election posters, that he would not 'Lie, Cheat or Steal' that did it. Anyway, in yesterday's General Election, the voters of Barbados chose David Thompson, Leader of the Democratic Labour Party to be their new Prime Minister. The Rt. Hon. Owen Arthur, Leader of the Barbados Labour Party has lost his position after 15 years in what I'm told was a landslide. My personal opinion polling amongst taxi drivers and hotel staff was spot on.

I've asked a few people why they think it happened. "Time for a change" is the constant refrain. Is this now the most potent election slogan throughout the world's liberal democracies? It seemed the only logical reason for the recent demise of John Howard in Australia. In the UK, my party was making little progress until we elected David Cameron as our leader. David represented a real change for us. And Gordon Brown was going great guns while he succeeded in portraying himself as 'the change' from Tony Blair. Nick Clegg's recent election campaign was based on the words 'change' and 'new' and almost nothing else.

For those of you who know Barbados, we're staying in the Almond Beach Village in St Peter - which is linked to the Almond Beach Club in St James (I think). I chose it because it has a 9 hole golf course in the grounds. We've played between 15 and 18 holes every morning. The 1st tee is about 50 yards from our room.

Just checked the BBC website to see what's happened back home. Whenever you are a long way off, it seems as nothing whatsoever significant happens. Distance creates perspective.


Dr. Christopher Wood said...

I guess there a few rules that govern UK party slogan literature ... knowing Lembit is into many 'oids, including asteroids, how about some candy "Asteroid Rock" with packaging having words like "Time for a new change" or "time for a new asteroid", and inside the candy-rock: "VOTE GD".

I hear Lembit is supporting Hain against calls for his departure from front line politics. Whatever the merits of Lembit's arguments, Lembit has lost sight of the ball and Monty demands better representation.

Anonymous said...

Did Lembit ever have sight of the ball in the first place? He's out for his egotistical self, dazzled by the limelight, and couldn't care less about the people of Monty. Have you ever heard him mocking the Monty accent??? He has absolutely no respect for people round here. What will this celebrity addict do when he's no longer an MP?