Thursday, January 31, 2008

Flying Naked

Too late to blog seriously tonight, but I just have to draw your attention to an article in today's telegraph. All this talk about climate change is apparently worrying some of the smaller travel agencies in Germany. Medium term projections suggest that there will be increased financial and moral pressure on tourists to arrange holidays that do not involve any flying., a German agency has come up with a novel idea to entice a new category of travellers to use its planes. From July, the company is going to launch a 'pilot' scheme where all 55 passengers will be required to travel stark naked. The idea came from a dissatisfied customer. The Managing Director of the travel agency is named Herr Hess.

Herr Hess informs us that the Nazis banned 'free body culture' (naturism) during the war, but that the practice has 'blossomed' since. He adds that it is an unusual gap in the market and that people will not get the wrong idea that his company is some sort of recruiting agency for the mile high club.

Before plane spotters start writing letters to their MPs to express concern that they may find themselves distracted from those things that they would normally be spotting, we should note that passengers will embark and disembark with their kit still on. Some potential passengers will no doubt be disappointed that the stewardesses will continue to wear clothes 'for safety reasons'. I should think that passengers will be required to keep their seatbelts on for safety reasons as well. "Best of luck Herr Hess" is what I say. Such innovation deserves reward.


Dr. Christopher Wood said...

One of the problems with using a sports club sauna is that there is always someone who does not sit on their towel. Will this issue carry-over onto these flights? Will the aircraft passengers sit directly on seats or will there be a butt-sandwich? For example, will passengers be required to use a towel between seat and butt? Otherwise, welcome to "share a tapeworm" airline. Whatever the previous passenger who sat in your seat had, you can have too! FYI: these worms absorb food predigested by the human host, so the worms have no need for a digestive tract or a mouth, so no need for a dentist – just as well.

alanindyfed said...

Possibly these flights might be arranged for politicians so that they acquire a greater sense of equality and consensus in a similar manner that uniforms are recommended for wear in schools.

Glyn Davies said...

Christopher - disgusting. I feel the same sort of thing about hotel beds.

alan - I took a few minutes to imagine the scene before responding, but my brain simply refused to process the images.

Anonymous said...
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Glyn Davies said...

sorry anon but I thought your reference to a nazi might be libellous - so I deleted your comment