Sunday, January 13, 2008

Barbados Report No 3

Developing a routine. I usually do on holiday. Mid afternoon, I usually do some fitness work. A 45 minute walk out from the Hotel and run back. Then to the Business Centre to check emails, etc.. It will then be a spell reading by the pool - before the first Rum Punch of the evening. I stop half way out, where the local fishing boats come in, and attract a flock/group (?) of the most wonderful scavenging sea birds I've seen. They look like a longer, sleeker version of the Red Kite. Its a bit like stopping at Bwlch Nant yr Arian, on the way to Aberystwyth - only even more dramatic.

Last night I went to 'Reefs' and enjoyed 'Jerk Wahoo', with 'Paw Paw Salsa' and 'Oil Down'. I know how this might read, but its a very nice spicy fish dish. As we were awaiting the arrival of the Jerk Wahoo, we sensed that we were in the presence of greatness. And we were. Sitting at the next table were six West Indians, complete with dreadlocks, beards and a natural swaying body movement. And it was striking to see six men hold hands in a meditative grace before eating in a public restaurant. It was Jamaican reggae singer, Freddie Magreggor and his soft reggae band. They must be special because they were being held in awe by the waitresses. We were told his biggest hit is called 'Lovers Rock'.

Picked up a Daily Mail, and really surprised to see that Peter Hain hasn't resigned yet. The weather is lovely.

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