Saturday, January 15, 2011

When is Blue Purple and Purple Blue?

Called in at a late Christmas lunch today held by the Montgomeryshire branch of the Multiple Sclerosis Society. I chose to wear a purple party hat, in recognition of my recent bracketing, along with others, as a "purple plotter". The purple comes from a mix of blue, yellow and a dash of red. I had made remarks on this blog which acknowledged that I, personally did not rule out some continuation of an arrangement between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats leading up to, and beyond the next General Election. The MP who coined this phrase (I think) was my good friend and colleague, Mark Pritchard MP. I was very surprised to be so described. What I'd said had seemed to me to be no more than common sense. If we try and cast our minds forward four years, and assuming every Coalition objective has gone as planned, we ought not to rule out some sort of arrangement between the two parties into the future. OK, so its unlikely, but why rule it out now. Tim Montgomerie appeared on Radio Wales to discuss it with me. I was rather pleased with my new colouring.

And then, as flicking around my favourite blogs tonight, I come across this from no other than the same Mark Pritchard. Its not exactly the same as I said, but the principle is the same. Next Christmas Party I go to, I'll feel confident enough to wear a blue party hat!

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Anonymous said...

Purple? Such a shame, I like purple. I think a muddy brown would be a better colour for this UK-hating Coalition!