Saturday, January 15, 2011

James Edward Jarvis 1946 - 2011

Jim Jarvis was buried today in Welshpool, after a funeral service in St Mary's Church. He was 64 years old when he died, and through recent years had been a renal dialyser at Shrewsbury and Telford. Hadn't stopped him working. He ran the local taxi firm, Yelocabs. All of his life he had loved driving, amongst many other things. He was one of Welshpool's great characters.

I'd known him, but not well, for decades - since he worked for G F Potter, a great local entrepreneur. Had got to know him better recently through my involvement with the campaign to bring a renal dialysis unit to Welshpool. Ironically, Jim died less than a week before the buildings in which the dialysis service is going to be established, arrived at Welshpool Hospital. He would have liked to have seen that.

The family asked me to make a 'tribute' to Jim during the funeral service. I have a strong voice, which was lower than usual because of a brute of a cold that is upon me. I have no trouble reaching the back of the church. Debbie sang beautifully. She has often served me a coffee at the Old Station, or Coco's. I had no idea that she has the voice of an angel. I finished my 'tribute' with "If there's a taxi in heaven, it will not be long until Jim is driving it. Sad occassion, but I saw a knowing smile or two."

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