Friday, January 28, 2011

Inappropriate Jokes

Telegraph reports today that Business Secretary, Vince Cable is in trouble for making a 'questionable ' joke about bankers. Its alleged he asked guests at a Westminster lunch what the difference was between the bodies of a banker and a cat found on the motorway. He then (allegedly) provided the answer to this poser - "There were skid marks around the cat". I've heard this 'joke' several times before, and in many different forms. Its just the banker's turn.

Another 'joke' I've heard about bankers, which I must admit I did use myself at a West Wales Banker's Dinner many years ago, was about the terrible tragedy when a bus full of bankers left the road and drove over a 100 ft high cliff. Punch line - "There was one empty seat". This joke used to be used against lawyers, but they seem to have moved up the pecking order, and are now above politicians and journalists - who would be competing for last place if it wasn't for bankers.

Another lawyer joke (which cannot really be adapted for bankers) is about a group of friends out sea fishing in a boat when the engine failed - with a shoal of hungry sharks between the boat and the shore. They were all saved because the lawyer was able to swim ashore for help. Sharks never eat their own.

Anyway it seems that one banker is reported to have taken exception to the Business Secretary's attempt at jocularity. Perhaps he lost his sense of humour at the same time as he lost our money. Vince Cable is lucky that he doesn't write a blog.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps he is too busy to write a blog?

Glyn Davies said...

Could be, just as I have no time to go out dancing!