Sunday, January 23, 2011

Impact Plants in January

Walked around the garden with my camera today - first time this year. Looking for plants that have impact on a cold day in January. First up is not a great photo. Would be much better if the sun was out. This 20 ft high Hammamelis provides the year's first burst of colour - and its in front of the sitting room window.
Some of the bamboos we've planted over the years are beginning to reach a size where they begin to look impressive. This variety is only about four feet tall, but spreads very quickly - which is why we grow it amongst grass, where the mulcher keeps it within bounds.
And here's another bamboo that really does look rather splendid. Its approaching 20 feet in height, and is very neat. I like it, though Mrs D does not share my enthusiasm.
And finally, no collection of impact specimens in our garden in winter can be complete without the Acer griseum. Its one of my favorite trees. We have planted a few of them, but this is the best. No-one walks past it without commenting. Its not just the peeling bark. Its such a rich colour as well.

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