Monday, December 20, 2010

Thoughts of Dr Cable.

When people ask me how much I'm enjoying being a Member of Parliament, I tell them that its an enormous privilege to be in the House of Commons when there is so much going on. David Cameron and Nick Clegg have 'hit the ground' running like cheetahs. I tell them that I can never be sure what I'm going to read in tomorrow's newspapers. I'm on a roller-coaster ride, which is going to transform Britain. Today we've had the announcement of High Speed Two (HS2) - which is a mega deal for the UK - and deeply controversial. And in tomorrow's Telegraph, we're going to read this report of an unusually candid interview given from Dr Vince Cable. Its worth the undiscounted cover price of the Telegraph on its own. Since the Coalition Government was formed last May, I've become increasingly impressed by Dr Cable's resilience , and resolution under fire. Must admit I rather like it when senior politicians tell us what they really think. Makes politics so much more interesting.

UPDATE - The BBC are reporting that it was an undercover sting by the Telegraph. Another blow against free speech by one of our broadsheets. What a pity.

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