Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tale of Two Speeches.

I wasn't there to hear the Archbishop of Wales sermon today, but I'm finding it difficult to understand what on earth he's talking - about from the BBC's report of it. I really would have thought that David Cameron's ideas about measuring 'well-being' was an 'anti-materialistic' approach to how we live. Rather than looking at the traditional measures of success, which usually relate to economic performance, we should focus more on what brings satisfaction to our lives - what makes us feel good. For me this is linked to our Prime Minister's ideas about 'Big Society', where we think more about those who share 'society' with us.

There are plenty of people who have no truck with this sort of talk from our Prime Minister. I'm not one of them. I accept that I speak from a position of relative comfort, (and attitude does change after serious illness - to self or one very close). Throughout my life, most enjoyment has not come from work, (though I enjoy work as much as the next man) - too much Mrs D often thinks. Even setting aside family stuff, I've always taken greatest satisfaction in life from YFC, rugby, squash, public life, gardening, etc.. These have been the things I've dreamt about. The thought processes of Dr. Barry Morgan may be a complete mystery to me, but HRH, Queen Elizabeth was spot on today about the way sport can bring so much joy and understanding (and well-being) to our world. Yet again this wonderful woman has found a way to inspire.


Alison said...

You can find the sermon here (took me less than one minute):

Press Release here:

Glyn Davies said...

Thanks Alison, I'll read it tomorrow. Was short on time today. Fully expect it to read ok, but there is no doubt that its been sold to the media with a slant that I question.