Friday, December 10, 2010

Lord Elis Thomas to make scandalous comment.

I usually have some sympathy with National Assembly Presiding Officer, Lord Elis Thomas - which makes it all the more painful to describe that something he's reported as going to say on Sunday's Politics Show is scandalous. I use this description because it seems to be the word LET has chosen to portray his opinion of the S4C Authority's performance to the programme.

Now I agree with much of what he intends to say - but in one comment he went 'beyond the line'. In support of his claim that the National Assembly Government would have handled what he describes as the 'appalling' and 'scandalous' performance of the S4C Authority over recent months with greater efficiency, he compares the performance of the Authority with the activities of the former Auditor General of the National Assembly, Jeremy Coleman. In my opinion, to make such a comment is far more scandalous than anything any member of the S4C Authority has done. Mr Coleman, was found guilty of downloading illegal sexual images of juveniles on his office computer - and would have been suspended immediately from any public sector job. Its best that I do not fully express my sheer horror at such a comment. It completely ruins the remainder of what he has to say. Perhaps it will not seem so bad when we hear it. Perhaps he might think better of this comment, and record another interview.

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Anonymous said...

your too sensitive glyn but everything else he said in hte interview was spot on