Saturday, December 04, 2010

Best wishes to Lembit Opik for a joyful future.

If Guido is to be believed, (and he usually is) it seems that congratulations are in order. I wouldn't recommend that you read the comments section of Guido's post though. Its not been a great year for Lembit, and I suppose I've played my part in that. But I rather like him and wish him well, both in life and love - so I was pleased to see this photograph.


xWCHL said...

Not on point but maybe this photo says a lot more about where we stand as nations in the Western hemisphere.

Like 'what she wrote' at a Press Club meeting with various big wigs - the American business model as it currently stands is not working. Over regulation with even more Federal Regulations in the pipeline has created an awful down-pressure on the American business community. Obama's White House naively seeks to use the tax code to spread wealth but all that naivety has done is increase uncertainty among job creators. I warned in the BBC Question Time American special broadcast from Washington that there would be moves to alter the tax-code but Elizabeth Edwards took exception to what I said and said that wouldn’t happen (from memory as I never got to see the broadcast).

"Much what she wrote" at a meeting a while back at the Press Club where I stared down three high powered Americans who insisted that such burdensome regulation is the right way to govern the USA.

I told them right to their face that American small businesses want to expand, but they dare not in the current regulatory framework. And this will hamper job creation.

The more regulations there are, the less able small business owners can expand their businesses. The owners have to spend more time mitigating the effects of new Fed-Regs (mostly through not hiring new workers) instead of spending their energy on expanding (and hence hiring) their businesses.

The greatest threat to the US economy is not debt, but over-regulation.

Free up small businesses, give them confidence to expand and the debt situation will go into reverse.

It is time to DEREGULATE the American small business sector.

I kid you not, the US economy/job situation is teetering on the abyss.

Just another nudge in the wrong direction and China will dominate - look at how China has formulated a game-plan to expand into India and markets closer to China. The 'silk road' is seen as the place to start - the Chinese government has recently set up special economic zones where start-ups or businesses moving to the new zones will face fewer regulations.

In contrast Obama wants to impose more regulations on American industry. For example, to impose new Cap 'n Trade regulations on American business by means of a Congress-run-around thus causing more large manufacturers to outsource production (and hence jobs) and power supply companies to pass the costs onto shrinking American businesses.

Just recently the Obama administration has shown its back-hand to the American biotech sector: Obama has just filed a brief with the US Supreme Court asking for gene patents to be outlawed. Maybe upwards of half a million well paid jobs in the American biotech industry will go 'ga ga'.

If Obama has his way, the biotech industry in the EU/UK/Wales will face even more uncertainty while China, SE Asia, and India's heads off into the clouds. Meanwhile, Obama continues his na├»ve plan to harm over-regulate American job creators … and Brits worry about a harsh winter.

Obama uses Biden to claim that his (Obama's) administration is all about job creation. No it isn't, watch what Obama actually does to see his agenda in action.

You don't know what's coming next c/o designer Fed-Regs c/o Obama's White House.

Anonymous said...

How long will it take the silly girl to see the light and dump him?

I find Opik's preference for MUCH younger women very unsavoury.

It's time he grew up and looked for a mature woman nearer his own age!