Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lib Dem of the year

I see that Conservative Home has posted on who some noted commentators adjudge to be the 'Lib Dem of the Year'. Now, I was tempted to go for Lembit Opik, in recognition of the part he played in elevating me to the House of Commons last May. And I also thought about David Laws, who in a few days after the General Election, demonstrated what a talented politician he is. But in the end I plump for Danny Alexander, who has been a revelation - in my opinion. Before the General Election, he was Danny Who, and he would probably have still been Danny Who if he had not been catapulted into the position of Chief Secretary to the Treasury, one of the key jobs in Government. But what a performance he's put in since then. My admiration has reached the stage that when I'm interviewed on any story involving a reduction in public spending, I aspire to "doing a Danny Alexander" - which involves pointing out, calmly and quietly that the last lot spent all the money, and that we cannot carry on as they did without bankrupting our country.

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