Monday, December 20, 2010

The strange story of Mr High

Today a report was published in the Telegraph which opened my eyes about some of the things that human beings do for pleasure. I'm having a bit of trouble believing it. It seems that Mr Gary High, a former teacher from Guildford, has been fined £200 at South West Surrey Magistrates Court for parading naked in a lay-by. This is not strictly true because he was wearing a hard hat, a high visibility jacket, a leather harness and boots - rather more than would have been necessary to appear in the Strictly Come Dancing final. Mr High is clearly a bit of an odd ball. In my opinion a suitable penalty would have been to force him to perform an encore this morning, when the temperature was down to -15. He'd very soon have put his pants on.

But what is breath-taking is who brought this admittedly strange behaviour to the attention of the police in the first place. It was the regular users of this lay-by who indulge in a most unusual and rather unsavoury activity, popularly referred to as 'dogging'. Must admit this was a new word (and new activity) to me, but I'm told it does actually happen. Apparently these 'doggers' (if that is the appropriate noun) were outraged and disgusted because Mr High's performance was more likely to be seen by innocents. Well, personally, I'd have been much more offended if, in all innocence, I'd knocked on the car door to ask direction!! Surely such behaviour cannot be legal. I feel a touch of sympathy for the hapless Mr high, and hope the police arrested the 'doggers' as well.


Anonymous said...

indeed! some travellers do partake in very particular activities! Poor chap, this revelation will follow him around for the rest of his life. A very embarasing situation for his friends, family and community.

bonetired said...

"Mr High is clearly a bit of an odd ball"

Probably two actually ! :-)