Sunday, February 21, 2010

Scum sucking Pigs

I must admit that I was a bit offended when Telford's Labour MP, David Wright described me (along with all Conservatives) as a 'Scum sucking Pig' earlier this week. I've met him a couple of times, and he's never shown me this unpleasant side. But I'm told that the German for 'Scum-sucking pig' is 'Dreck fressendes Schwein'. Now this sounds nothing like so offensive. Perhaps someone can tell us what it is in Welsh. Moch sgwm Sugno' perhaps. I quite like this as well.


menaiblog said...

Llusnafedd yn sugno mochyn.

Di ystyr a dweud y gwir Glyn, ond dyna fo.

menaiblog said...

Neu mochyn yn sugno llusnafedd.

Mae yna ddwy ffordd o ddarllen y frawddwg.

Anonymous said...

A dash of frivolity while Rome is burning is OK so long as it’s not your Rome that is burning. Obama’s frivolity has blossomed into lack of focus – lack of focus on jobs. David Cameron (DC), absent change, appears to be taking a page out of Obama’s book.

Be careful DC – a lack of focus on jobs will have a huge cost especially when the levels of stress about the job situation in the UK is going up and beginning to impact on nearly everyone – even people in seemingly safe jobs.

Stress due to stress about keeping a job or getting one, or being underemployed or working too few hours or a string of part-time jobs hoping to make ends meet.

What I said back in 2008 in BBC’s Question Time – when I popped up from the audience and quite forcefully said, inter alia, that jobs were the key, or rather “jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs”.

It’s the same in Wales: the party that can focus on jobs is the party that will stand out.

Sadly, it seems the Welsh Conservatives are not listening – and Welsh Labour are definitely not listening – I know because I have communicated a solution for medium term job creation to Welsh Labour for consideration and it has fallen on death ears. I’m in despair about that – that a party that says it cares about the job situation, but can’t be bothered to get its head around novel or new solutions.

Glyn: your party needs to focus on jobs*jobs*jobs*jobs*jobs – if your party can come up with concrete solutions, I predict your party will win decisively, but if your party doesn’t come up said solutions: your party will not win decisively.

From America’s capital city of DC to DC’s Party – you need to hear the message loud and clear: it’s about jobs*jobs*jobs*jobs*jobs and not some stupid scheme of offering cheap banking shares. What is it with Cameron – is he as disconnected from the ordinary Brits as Obama is disconnected from independent voters in the USA?

Get Connected – and the way for DC to connect to ordinary British voters (particularly Brits who did not go to private school) , the connect is JOBS JOBS JOBS JOBS – not some silly banking shares offer – GET REAL: IT’S ABOUT JOBS!