Saturday, February 13, 2010

Human Rights Abuse

Alfons Mensdorff-Poully is an Austrian count. He's very wealthy and owns Dalnaglar Castle and property in Sloane Square and Luising in East Austria. He was investigated over allegations that he was an agent for illegal payments made in return for contracts to deliver fighter jets produced by BAE Systems - and incarcerated in one of Her Majesty's jails for 7 days. The eventual outcome was that a deal was done and BAE Systems paid £287 million to the authorities.

Nothing particularly blogworthy about this, except that Mr (or is it Herr) Mensdorf-Poilly is claiming that his human rights have been abused by the Prison Service - because the prison issue underpants he was given for those seven days were too small. Why didn't he just abandon himself to the joy, freedom and adventure of dispensing with his underpants altogether. Many years ago, on the mountain farms of Britain, profitability was so poor that they were regarded as luxuries. Commandos and Scotsmen are said to dress similarly - through choice.

He also claimed he had not been given a comb, despite the photograph of him in today's Telegraph suggesting that he was as bald as a coot. And the razor he was given had remnants of another man's stubble in it. Oh how terribly, awfully disgusting! Quite rightly he demanded a Hepatitis B injection. Pity I wasn't asked to administer it. Had decades of experience injecting sheep - and with a six inch needle. Definitely an injection for the buttocks. He'd wish his underpants were even tighter by the time I'd have finished with him.


Anonymous said...

Getting a wee bit excited aren't we! Should call you Cool Hand Glyn with all that talk about injecting sheep using a six inch needle! I hope you changed that needle between injections!

Anonymous said...

Well Glyn, we now have a situation whereby you can be incarcerated without trail for 28 days in the UK!

It's called the Counter-Terrorism Act. You can be arrested under this Act for taking photographs of practically anything, including Railway Stations (Trainspotter's beware) Police Officers (even when they are giving someone a kicking) and Council Buildings (inc. Libraries).

A couple of years ago, I applied for a CRB check, I had about three valid checks running, but I was required to go for another one since I was volunteering with another organisation. Remember now that at the time I had been a foster parent for some eight years. The CRB claimed that there was a "Match" and I had to go to the Police HQ and have my fingerprints taken.


Glyn Davies said...

anon - When you are injecting at the rate of 200 an hour, the needle is not always fully disinfected.

Anon - David Davis and Ms Chakrabati have got it right.