Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Good ole Gordon

I don't suppose readers of this blog would expect to encounter a post expressing support for an article written by Gordon Brown. But that is what this post is. I agree with this article that our Prime Minister wrote for today's Daily Telegraph. Which I suppose means that I'm almost certainly out of touch with the British people!! Actually, I could just as easily write that I'm pleased that Gordon Brown agrees with me, since I've posted about my opposition to legalising assisted suicide before. Most of my conversations about this issue lead to failure on my part to persuade. Anyway, here are two quotes from the article;

"But when these complex and distressing cases are considered in detail, a solution that at first might seem sensible - the right to die in a manner and at a time of one's own choosing - swiftly becomes less straightforward and more worrying"

"The risk of pressures - however subtle - on the frail and the vulnerable, who may feel their existences burdensome to others, cannot ever be entirely excluded".

There we have my reservations in a nutshell. Another quote in the front page article, based on the Brown piece on p24 comes from the right-to-die campaigner, Debbie Purdy. She 's such an amazing and inspirational person that I imagine it's almost impossible to win an argument with her - guaranteed defeat in debate. She is quoted as saying;

"To have a Prime Minister who says 'actually, I don't care if 95% of the population think we should find a law....I think it shows a lack of respect for the British people".

I just don't agree with her. If 95% of the population take a view, it would be irresistible, no matter what Gordon Brown thought. The reality is that a majority may agree with Debbie Purdy, until they are asked to vote for change after a detailed debate about a proposal to bring it into effect. Seems to be that Gordon Brown has, for once, put his weather vane down and found his moral compass. But I can see the way the wind is blowing on this. The power of short term popular appeal over careful study of long term consequences is leading, bit by bit to the legalising of assisted suicide. As Guido Fawkes might say "If 'Jonah' Brown is backing you, you're doomed". Its a mistake though.


D Evans said...

Oh no Glyn you have agreed with Jonah Brown. You have now blown your chance of winning the seat at the election. There is nothing you can do to stop your fate.

The Curse of the One-Eyed Son of the Manse has struck again.

Anonymous said...

If assisted suicide is allowed the downside is too awful to contemplate. By the time we come up for retirement the goal posts would have moved. Old people will be vulnerable to pressure to do them-selves in to avoid being a burden. "What's wrong with you Grandma - how selfish can you be Grandma - you know how much we need the money Granddad - when we legalize it, what will have we done?

Anonymous said...

Glyn, please think hard about this. I have faced my death more than once, I am happy to fight to live and have done, HOWEVER, I also know what end I will face if all runs its course, and that is something I do not, absolutley, do not want to go thru again -as this time there is no remedy. To live with my dignity going, depending on others for the very basics, with no quality of life - thats the bottom line. I do agree that the elderly are a different case, but bear in mind many that opt to end are perfectly compus mentus and only too well aware of their illness and its progression - usually having seen others with it deteriorate. Think again please - there are two issues here not one

JB said...


I am beside myself with fury. The DPP has today issued 'guidelines' for interpretaion on the the law related to assisted suicide. Who the hell does he think he is. Parliament sets the law he is subservient to its wishes, if there is any clarification required he has a duty to ask Parliament to clarify.

Whether you believe in 'assisted euthenasia' or not it is not in the gift of this man to judicate. He should be slapped down, now. Of course, this won't happen, this pernicious government has so eroded our freedoms that his intervention will pass almost without comment.

May God speed you and your kind to a majority in the Chamber to rectify the abuses of the last 12 years. Please don't let us down.