Saturday, February 06, 2010

Just how 'brainless' can you be on a rugby field?

Many years ago, I was playing in a semi final of the Shropshire Sevens Tournament. I was playing for Shrewsbury against Bridgenorth. We were leading by a point, with less than a minute to go. The referee gave a scrum to Bridgenorth. Totally disagreed with his decision. Red mist descended. I was forced to hand the ball over to their scrum half, but I 'accidentally' dropped it as handing it over, and then 'accidentally' trod on the scrum half's fingers as he was picking it up. Penalty. Three points. Bridgenorth were in the final. Taught me a lesson I've never forgotten. Its just a shame that Alun Wyn Jones wasn't playing for us that day. Had he been, he would not have been so utterly stupid at Twickenham today - and right under the ref's nose. 17 points while he was in the bin! My excuse was that I was young and impetuous, and was in my first full season after switching from soccer. I wonder what excuse Alun gave Warren Gatland!

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