Friday, February 05, 2010

Emergency Schools Meeting in Powys.

Just heard that there's to be an Emergency Meeting in Powys County Hall next Thursday, 11th to debate a motion that the controversial Draft Secondary Modernisation Strategy be scrapped. I suppose the consequence of this being passed would mean that the Steering Group will have to go back to the drawing board and come up with options that retain all the schools. Mind you, if the arm twisting and threats that have gone on in a vain attempt to stop Councillors signing up to this debate is anything to go by, the motion could well be defeated. Never seen this sort of thing in Powys before. Councillors have been a bit shocked. But the Conservative Group, Annie Holloway, Viola Evans and Gareth Morgan are made of stern stuff. A debate there will be.

I know that some think I've been behind this move for an Emergency Debate. They are totally wrong. I've been asked my opinion by several Councillors, but I've replied that they are in a better position to judge than I am. I will do all can to prevent the proposed wilful destruction of our outstanding secondary education, but campaign strategy is a matter for Councillors. Because this has been driven by Cllr. Aled Davies, who is my party chairman, some people will assume there is a political motive. They would be wrong there too. Anyone who suggests that does not know Aled Davies. Since I first discussed this with Aled on that first fateful Friday, I've seen a man who has put everything second to his mission to save Llanfyllin High School. He knows that removing the sixth form will visit huge damage on an extraordinarily successful school. Entirely properly, he is determined to do all he can to protect the school, and Aled is one determined individual. Arm twisting has no effect whatsoever on some people. One reason why this proposal has infuriated Montgomeryshire Conservatives so much is that we hold the 3 Council wards in North Powys, which is served by Llanfyllin. And for me, Caereinion is my old school and I've always had a special affection for Llanidloes.

Have to change my plans for next Thursday. I want to be there - not inside the chamber, but standing with anyone from my old school, Caereinion High. I wonder whether Westminster politics is as cut-throat as Powys politics has become.


bonetired said...


From the BCA:

Snow Storm over DC said...

Well, a 'school lesson' or as "The Joker" might say: "I really love your lightning snow storms, wanna shake your snow tree."

Yep - heard thunder during a snow storm - "a first for me at least" - "can u believe?"

Or more to the point, "what does this mean?"

Anonymous said...

congratulations to the tories for leading the way o this matter. will the lib dems back you up or sit on the femce again.

JB said...


'Anonymous' says will the Lib Dems back you up. The answer is emphatically NO! Their pathetic comments in the County Times 'So What Would You Do Instead' section reveals that this is yet another issue where they will feign activity whilst sitting on the fence contemplating their 'Holistic' solutions,then claiming the credit when public uproar produces a reasonably satisfactory outcome.

The answer to this problem is obvious and it lies within the LEA who so far seem to have been excluded - I wonder why.

Glyn Davies said...

Snow storm - What it means is that the people are taking control of democracy. The Internet has ripped open the curtains, and we can see what's going on.

Anon - This is not political in any way. I accept that there is no Lib Dem Councillor in the 11 that have asked for the 'emergency meeting' - but the MP's comments in Lanidloes suggest that they are fully behind it.

Defcon -(j^2) said...

Glyn> Interesting that you have attached meanings to current physical phenomena – another thinking man coming to the unexpected non-scientific conclusion that Man has moved into a new time/age? Imho, the writing is as noted in the OT “on the wall” – the rich tapestry wall of physics and “natural” rules that now impinge upon us seemingly in a random way.

Why bother to mention this (see infra)? Well, if something really bad happens in NYC (like the airliners flying into the WTC), the world is shaken to its core. If something even slightly like that happens in Washington, DC – world governments will take notice, particularly China, Russia, ME, and the repercussions could catalyze a new-world order.

Imho, the DC area is in for some VERY big surprises involving extreme violence further involving guns and/or explosives - a reflection of the thunder and lightning of the snow storm?

The targets will shock and surprise - some event(s) hitherto unknown in the DC area are going to unfold absent clear steps to capture the actors.

Since random stop/searches of people and vehicles on the streets in and around DC are currently unacceptable and/or controversial, and will in themselves cause anxiety and/or tip off covert operators - passive scanning machines and dogs should be used to scan people and vehicles on the streets in and around DC – even lines waiting to get onto Metro buses or lines waiting to get into cabs at Dulles and DCA (“DC airport”, actually located just across the Potomac in Arlington, VA). It is an imperative that at least one terrorist operative is caught. DC is in for a bad time absent catching at least one relevant terrorist operative.

Footnote: At least one Middle East terrorist group has studied the movement and characteristics of selected Federal DC workers – ID tags and uniforms have been stolen, and cloned. At least one set of operatives were so active inside the Beltway on the DC/MD (Maryland) border. This is well known information that might have been ‘parked’ by Homeland Security and/or the FBI. Well, un-park it! Otherwise we risk another “Christmas Day Bomber” scenario but this time in DC when information was known but not acted upon.

Peter Williams said...

Fantastic news today of best Conservative Policy emphasis I have heard this year . . . on Education . . . making possible the preservation of schools, and avoiding "recession" cutbacks, and stopping wayward "councils" from selling off school grounds and buildings for other purposes. Wow.