Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rugby Justice.

Excellent news today. An independent disciplinary panel has banned Irish hooker, Jerry Flannery for six weeks. Absolutely right. Justice has been done. His vicious attack on Frenchman, Alexis Pallison in last weekend's Six Nations game was totally unacceptable. I can just imagine all those mums and dads deciding rugby's not a game for their little boys, after the referee just carried on as if nothing much had happened. It was a clear cut, fully public attempt to break Pallison's legs, right under the ref's nose.

But one cheer for Jerry Flannery. He is reported as pleading guilty and acknowledging that the offence deserved a red card. So right and blindingly obvious, but I can just hear Alex Ferguson or Arsene Wenger informing us of how they had been looking away at the time. I thought he deserved ten weeks, but reduced to six for honesty. Justice done.

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