Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Welshpool Kidney Dialysis Unit

For many years I've been interested in the provision of a kidney dialysis unit in the grounds of Welshpool Hospital. Its been one of those 'three steps forward;two steps back' sort of projects. It's an issue that this blog occasionally visits and updates readers on.

There was a meeting of what is called 'The Stakeholder Group' (OK, I know this is depressingly officialese) when I was away in the 'Sunshine State'. So I arranged a conference call with Chrissie Hayes (Powys tLHB) and Nick Wilson (Wales Renal Network) this morning to brief myself on the latest position. And I want to share all that is 'public' with my readers. And should begin by declaring my optimism that we could be entering the home straight.

The final business case has been prepared and submitted to the Welsh Assembly Government. There's been a question and answer exchange and its optimistically anticipated that Edwina Hart, the responsible Assembly Government Minister (who has shown a genuine commitment to renal disease sufferers during her 'rule') will approve the unit and associated expenditure later in September. Its 'game point' and the ball is in Edwina's court, and we're waiting for her to smash away the winner. I'll crack open a bottle when this battle is won - and kiss the Minister if she's anywhere near! Actually, she's an old friend, so I'd 'mwah' her anyway. Hopefully the unit should be in operation around the end of the year. I'm so looking forward to dropping the word 'hopefully'.

Initially the provision would be a demountable (temporary) building with 8 dialysis machines located on the grassed area to the left as driving up to the hospital car park. The better site, attached to and below the hospital cannot be used because its needed to construct a permanent dialysis unit - for which the process of procurement will begin as soon as the dialysis service begins. And when the permanent building is up, the machines will be moved across and the demountable demounted. And a grand party will be held by all. At least, that's what should happen.


monmouthman said...

Mr. Davies,

I apologise in advance that this comment isn't relevant to the Dialysis Unit but as someone who lost your Assembly seat in unfortunate circumstances -albeit now that you've gone on to bigger things at Westminster- I wondered what you made of all the rumblings coming out of certain Assembly Regional selections? South Wales Central and especially South Wales East?

I find it astonishing that senior Party figures should be telephoning some Members requesting that they vote for a man who at the age of 64 had a sudden change to Conservatism having previously been a Plaid Member!

He might switch again - probably UKIP next - just look at the below article! It makes the whole Assembly not just the Conservative look a shambles!

I find it a damn shame that you were never able to lead the Assembly Tory Group by the way!

Glyn Davies said...

monmouthman - You are right. Your comment is nothing to do with the post. But I'll respond anyway.

The South Wales Central position looks straight forward to me. The Vale selection did come as a surprise, but it seems to have been a genuine vote by party members. I hope there is another genuine vote to decide the South Wales central placings. Perhaps there has been while I've been away! Whatever, I feel that we should set aside potential consequences and fight to win the Vale of Glamorgan seat.

Don't know much about the position in South East Wales, but I never like to see the party machine trying to interfere with local selection. It usually backfires.

Neil Stevens said...
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