Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Lake Vyrnwy Estate sale.

When Severn Trent Water put the 23,000 acre Lake Vyrnwy Estate on the market a few weeks ago I thought, on balance, that it was a decision to welcome. Inevitably, there would be some nervousness about change. There could never be a guarantee that a more beneficial owner will turn up - particularly at a time when access to finance is not so easy. So its good news that at least one buyer, who seems entirely suitable has gone public about his desire to buy it. Its very good news that there is a serious bidder for the iconic site who has strong local roots.

But it would be wrong of me to try to give the impression that Mr Rhys Jones and his company, Celtic Property Development would be the best buyer. Cannot know that at this stage. A tendering process is still underway, and there may well be other very good bidders in the frame. But I had been a tiny bit concerned about this sale,(as had local people) and tonight I feel much more reassured about the future of this beautiful corner of Montgomeryshire.


Halloweenish ex-Council Hoose laddie said...

I don't think he's actually going to buy it outright ... it's a 125 year lease thingy.

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Anonymous said...

what could possibly worse than the current owners who have let the whole area decay over the last decade or so