Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Time to call in the team to sort me out.

This is a post for my constituents - but I suppose it could be a similar story for other MPs. Four months ago, I was elected a Member of Parliament - enough time to allow for a bit of reflection. I decided after being elected (some might say surprisingly) to just keep my head down and work quietly and solidly while I got a grip on the job - reckoning that was the 'sensible' way to go over the first few months. Then I would launch out a bit after the summer recess (actually I began getting more involved during the last two weeks before recess). I thought it had gone fairly well.

And then I was made PPS to the Secretary of State for Wales. A complete rethink needed. Fortunately its forced me to face up to the failings. Things could not carry on as they were - with me trying to do far too much myself, and struggling to keep up with constituency contacts. I must use the talents of the good people who work for me.

Problem number one was that too many cooks were involved in my diary - so from now on Pam is in charge. If you want me to do anything (and I want to) Pam must say its OK - 01938552315. I never want to be double booked again, or forget an appointment again.

Problem number two was the huge pile of paperwork on my desks - at home, at Westminster and in the Welshpool Office. And the hundreds of emails stacking up in my inboxes. So, we're having the most almighty sort out. By the time we return to Westminster on 11th October, the team will have dealt with everything. Its a shock to me to be tidy and organised, but its got to be done. Probably a bigger shock to Phill in my London Office who has coped with me for 8 of the last 11 years. After 11th October, I have no intention of apologising to anyone for being slow 'getting back to them'. There will be no need. This blog is going to suffer until my desks and inboxes are clear. So its goodbye for the time being.

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