Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Commitment to our partners.

I'm rather pleased that the Liberal Democrat Conference has gone well. So far anyway - though it will be interesting to see how the Business Secretary's comments on 'capitalism' tomorrow go down. I read a fair bit of Nick Clegg's speech, and thought it pretty well judged. I find him to be a courageous politician. He's taken a mighty risk with his own future and his party's, for the sake of stable government. He deserves support from his own side. But then I'm usually quite impressed with the Deputy Prime Minister's performances in the House of Commons. I think I've commented before that he reminds me of Brian Close facing up to Michael Holding when I was a teenager. Just taking everything thrown at him, and still standing defiantly at the end, covered in bruises, but still standing.

Sometimes my friends find my support for the Lib Dem leader to be a bit odd, bearing in mind that his party has always been my political opponent at a local level. I just think 'a deal is a deal', and we signed up to a coalition agreement with the Lib Dems. If Simon Hughes can stand before the Lib Dem conference today, and state that he's a "rock sold supporter of the Coalition", I reckon I can write the same on my blog. Won't stop me doing everything I can to help the outstanding young politician, Russell George defeat the Lib Dems to become Assembly Member for Montgomeryshire next May.


Ex-Lansbury Park laddie said...

“With all the activity and cleaning of cooling towers, inspection and enforcement, the risk has diminished somewhat."

Excuse me, but "inspection and enforcement" on its face was clearly lacking from the get-go as evidenced by the new admission by the authorities that there are two exclusive infection source sites infecting people at THE SAME TIME.

There has clearly been a critical chronic absence of proper "inspection and enforcement" for a long long time prior to these outbreaks.

It is frankly, DISGUSTING - the lack of attention to "inspection and enforcement" In re cooling towers.

Why are Welsh taxpayers paying through the nose for such slovenly incompetence by the authorities that are paid huge sums to do squat when they should have been: "inspecting and enforcing".

There needs to be an enquiry into this lack of "inspection and enforcement". There is an old saying that the authorities need to RELEARN: 'prevention is better than cure' and "inspection and enforcement" doesn't come naturally from lazy complacency.

Ex-Trowbridge/Lansbury Park (Caerphilly) Council House laddie, PhD JD
(Evidently too council-housey for William Hague et al. at Conservative Party HQ)

Anonymous said...

A teenager? In 1976? I think not!