Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Its enough to make me really ill!

I'm feeling a bit under the weather. Was perfectly OK until the Welsh media started reporting earlier this week that I was on death's doorstep. I'd been rather looking forwards to a bit of positive coverage following my 'elevation' to the position of PPS (though I daresay it would probably have referred to being 'nobbled', 'silenced', etc.). But this bit of rather good news was ignored - and an old story about a fairly minor heart problem was rehashed in a quite bizarre way. Over the last two days I've had 'get well' cards and sweet messages by the dozen. Its absolutely bl***** ridiculous.

Now, lets get this straight. Along with thousands of others I discovered a few weeks ago that I had an irregular heart beat. Perhaps I've always had it. Anyway my GP got a bit excited about this, thinking it was rather more serious, and dispatched me to hospital for three days. That caused me so much agitation that it really did put my health under threat. Anyway, it was diagnosed as 'Atrial Fibrilation' which I concede does sound bad, but all that is needed is a shot of electricity to put it right. Tony Blair had the same thing. Hope it doesn't change me into a warmongerer as well!. Probably get the job done between meetings later this month. And anyway I told everyone what had happened weeks ago. Announced it in the House of Commons for G*** sake. And just because I become a PPS, the media decide to run it as if its a b***** news story. I really must calm down about this. Its not good for the heart.


Chris said...

Oh Glyn you are so so important arn't you.

Helen said...

Glyn I just love your sense of humour....thank God you've got one!!You also have a wonderful way with words.
Congratulations on your elevation to PPS, glad your talents are appreciated, I wish you well!!