Thursday, February 10, 2011

'Touchy' Wyn Jones.

That's the thing about politics. You can be laying into a fellow (I find it more difficult if its a lady - old fashioned I know) and next minute sharing a convivial word over a glass of wine. I rather approve of this approach to politics. But it doesn't work if the person under fire is overly 'touchy'. Which is what I reckon the Assembly's Deputy First Minister, Ieuan Wyn Jones has been today. The BBC, and Western Mail have been giving top billing to Ieuan's distress at learning that Labour politicians have been seeking to portray him as a failure. Sorry Ieuan, 'but that's what they do'. On Dragon's Eye last week, Felicity Evans asked me to comment on Labour MP, Wayne David's attempts to portray Secretary of State, Cheryl Gillan in a poor light. I just scratched my head confusedly and said "But, that's what they do". I've heard it said that it's about all they can do.

He can be a bit 'touchy' though. I remember offending the Deputy First Minister (it was before he assumed such an elevated position) by calling him "Wobbly Wyn Jones" after some change of mind. I thought the phrase had a nice ring to it. Anyway, the phrase 'stuck' and Ieuan was so offended that I wished I hadn't said it. Life is too short to make enemies. But when I think of some of the things that have been said about me over the years.....

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