Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Coco Pops Kid.

Never again will I refer to Mr Leighton Andrews, Assembly Minister for Education as anything but 'The Coco Pops Kid' or the 'King of the Coco Pops' - you get the drift. Little badges of Leighton should be free in every packet of Coco Pops sold in Wales. Coco Pops should be available in the staff and AM canteen so that all can start each day with a bang. And the reason is Leighton's wonderfully inspiring interview with Aled ap Dafydd for this week's Politics Show. It went something like this.

Aled - "You're giving Coco Pops to kids for breakfast for free. That's something the parents might want, they might welcome that, but more importantly, I suppose, to parents will be the assessments when it comes to reading for example"

Leighton went off like a firecracker.

"I really object to your snooty middle class attack on our free breakfast scheme. That is a disgrace. A thousand schools in Wales are pursuing our free breakfast scheme and you talk about Coco Pops. You are a disgrace to the BBC".

Great stuff. Should secure a prosperous future for Aled ap Dafydd. If he can so get under the skin of a Government Minister that easily - no matter how sensitive that skin might be, he should be moved straight into Paxman's chair. As for Leighton, if he loses his position in the Cabinet, he might win an advertising contract with Kellogg's - "Start the day with Coco Pops - the breakfast cereal with the power to explode". David Taylor could set the jingle to music.


C. Wood said...

Glyn> Peter Black AM covered this Minister Coco King story yesterday. Perhaps Peter has more energy right now from eating Coco Pops! But on the other hand 'great minds think alike', meaning you and Peter.

But seriously now, it does look like Leighton Andrews (Minister for Education and Life Long Learning) is not in control of his brief (In re PISA and Estyn reports).

MH said...

Have a bit of sympathy for poor Leighton. Being a grown up (sorry, grown old) he isn't entitled to free breakfasts, and obviously didn't have time for one ... just look at the way he was dressed!

Without a proper breakfast, your brain just can't get into gear. And that must surely explain why he wasn't able to think coherently. What better illustration could there be of why it was a good idea to introduce the policy, so that our children can think clearly and concentrate on learning?

Anonymous said...

I always thought that Leighton Andrews looked like a grumpy grown up version of the Milky Bar Kid myself.

Martin said...

If parents can't give their children a more substantial breakfast than a bowl of Coco Pops at home then things are in a pretty poor state.
What an expensive nonsense this school breakfast scheme is.