Sunday, February 20, 2011

Growing Up.

My gorgeous little granddaughter, Ffion can be very (how shall I put this without offending her) 'childish' when the mood takes her. As an example - she loves a 'smoothie'. But when I last offered one, she made it clear that not only did she want a 'smoothie' but that she only wanted it only if Mrs D give to her. Illogical I know, but its what three year olds do.

This little incident drifted into my mind when I read in today's Western Mail about the behaviour of Carwyn Jones, First Minister of the National Assembly. Let me explain why. This week Nick Clegg announced that the UK Government would offer to the National Assembly the chance to bring forward or delay the next Assembly election by a year - because the currently scheduled date of 7th May 2015 is the same as the date of the next General Election. Very good news I'd have thought. The freedom to choose given to the National Assembly. Almost as good as a 'smoothie'. But no, it may be good news, but Carwyn thinks that the UK General Election should be moved instead. He says this is because he had the date pencilled in first, but we all know is because the idea was suggested by Nick Clegg. What we call the 'respect agenda' prevents me saying exactly what I think of this. But Lib Dem AM, Peter Black is reported to have said "He would do Wales a great service if he stopped throwing his toys out of the pram and began to act as a First Minister". Little Ffion stopped doing that to her toys when she was one - moving on from 'babyish' to 'childish' - and soon she'll move on to adolescent, en route to 'grown up'. Oh that the same could be said about......


Anonymous said...

your right glyn he was very childish. clegg offered him everything he could have wanted and all he was doing was objecting for the sake of it. he let the assembly down

Sea Wood said...

Unfortunately Carwyn Jones has the mind-set akin to old socialist ways of thinking. While he witters on about such crassly stupid issues, the Welsh economy and job creation potential is still heading south. But then again, the Welsh conservatives seem happy to sit back and watch the slide into what passes for Welsh oblivion.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Labour I think is worse than anybody on this.
Plaid Cymru in fairness don't tend to be as bad- they 'throw the toys out' on good issues like the electrification of the railways, and I think the worst thing the Gov has done- restrict Wales from Port funding.

But any chance Carwyn has he does it- it's as if he's Hain's puppet. And their conference was odd, saying the Assembly elections are a referendum on the UK Government- well no.

The more the Assembly and her politicians move away from London and show clear red water, the better. And I think the Welsh Lib Dems have done this beautifully- a lesson Lab and Con should learn from.

Different institutions, different policies but the same core values.

advice for Welsh Con's Glyn- drop the big society for Assembly election. Whatever the hell it means, it's not working "dio'm yn dal dwr" and the voters hate it!.

Good luck anyway!

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - Seemed daft to me, but he must have his reasons

Sea wolf - I agree that putting some vigour into the Welsh economy should be the top priority.

Anon 2- Issues like rail elctrification are complex issues - and you need to be sure criticism is justified. As far as I know, the Sec of State is still fighting our corner on this, and its too early for her or me to give up on it. I also believe there are complexities behind the 'ports' funding issue, which make it far less straightforward than you seem to imply.

I agree that its odd for Labour to be potraying the Assembly election as a referendum on the UK Government. This is about as belittling of devolution as you can get. Seems like putting Labour before Wales to me.

I note your advice about 'Big Society' and you may be right, but I'm a committed supporter of the philosphy behind it. I will still be talking about it is 4 years time!