Friday, February 04, 2011

Meandering Mind of Peter Hain

So Shadow Secretary of State, Peter Hain reckons that the only reason we are holding a referendum on extending the primary law making capacity of the National Assembly for Wales is because Plaid Cymru want it. I accept that Peter Hain might not have been in favour personally, but its utterly ridiculous to claim that Labour have not been in favour. Lets look back a bit. In May 2007, Labour and Plaid Cymru agreed that this referendum must be held on or before May 2011. Since she became Secretary of State for Wales, Cheryl Gillan has driven the issue forward with great determination, and has delivered, on time, what every member of the National Assembly voted for twelve months ago. Peter Hain's claim carries no sense and no credibility. He's just made himself look very silly indeed. What on earth can Carwyn Jones think of such nonsense. I wager that not a word will you hear. You could say that he's showing no respect for the Assembly Government.

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