Sunday, October 10, 2010

Our Garden this weekend.

The most colourful plant in the garden at present is this Cotoneaster. We have grown a few different varieties over the years, but never one that puts on such a show. And so far the birds have shunned the berries.
Rudbekias are just about the best herbaceous border plant that flower from summer right through into November. They do not shine in a drought, but this year they've been and remain magnificent.
The grasses border is now into its third year, and at its best. Probably be a need to do some thinning out next spring. will probably need a bit of help. Time is in short supply since last May.
Some of our Acers are offering glorious colour, especially the yellow leaved varieties. These two, which have been planted close together in the Celtic Garden are even more striking in the flesh.
This is a rare bamboo that we paid quite a bit for. For two years I thought we had been done, but this year its showing some real promise. Its supposed to grow quickly to about 10 metres in width. Its been planted with roads around it to control spread. Lovely leaves.
This shows what can be done with Eucalyptus. This was a 60' tall tree, until we had it sawn down because it was taking the light. They just grow back up from the base. Its also what happens if they blow down, which they often do. There is a case for cutting them to the ground every year. The young growth is more attractive, and easier to look at than at the top of a huge tree.

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