Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Colostomy Association

Was late arriving at the Colostomy Association's 'Open Day' today. It was held in the Conference Centre at the Heritage Motor Centre at Gaydon, off the M40, and it took a bit longer than I anticipated. Its 112 miles away. Lucky for me that I was late. The organisers had to move my slot from immediately after lunch until last slot of the day. Meant I heard presentations of 'My Story' from Duncan and Vanessa Denvir. One of the pluses of involvement in campaigns and charities to do with various 'illness and diseases' is that I get to meet the most amazing people.

The C A has been going as a self-funding charity for 5 years now. I went to its first birthday party in Reading and did the cake and ribbon cutting honours. Pleased to be invited back today. Great audience of around 200, who all stayed until the end. In a week or two's time I'll be winding up at a Conservative Policy Forum, where I expect a fair proportion of the audience to have sloped off home by the time I'm on.

Wonder how many other MPs are ostomates. Must be one or two. Probably a few in their Lordship's House. As well as the 5th anniversary of the birth of the C A, its the 8th birthday of my own diagnosis of colorectal cancer. Been able to put the trauma completely behind me. Vanessa was telling us today of her appearance on Channel 4's 'Embarrassing bodies'. Coincidentally, I've just had an invitation to appear as a male model in a fashion show - which I cannot accept because its on a Thursday night, and I may be 'whipped' to be at Westminster. It takes over 4 hours to reach home. Anyway, this blog wishes a Happy Birthday to Sue, Earnie and all the good people at the Colostomy Association.


Helen said...

Well done you Glyn, for making such an effort to travel all that way! So glad you get to meet good people like yourself, may you all enjoy good health, and be able to meet on a regular basis for many years to come!!

Anonymous said...

"OK, OK" ... I know this will be read as a bad joke, but Glyn's post reminded me of a funny line in "Two and a half Men", where Alan Harper is offering Charlie Harper some wedding advice (from memory only):

"Just don't think of sex on your wedding night, after all that you have eaten and drunk just go to sleep with your ass facing an open window."