Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Fuchsia Rockery

Latest addition to the garden is the fuchsia rockery. It was planted up last summer and is already putting on a decent display. By next summer it will be in full pomp, and I reckon will be one of our best features. Its also 'the view from the boathouse'. Behind is the grasses border that we planted up two years ago - now at its best.
We like hares - and since there are not many running around the fields (at least compared with when I was a young man out with a gun) we have planted one or two metal replacements here and there. They add a bit of interest.
And a couple of white doves as well.


Oscar said...

Poor old Mrs D must be busy whilst your away with a garden like this!

Anonymous said...

don't bet on it! There's probably a gardener involved on expenses!!!