Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Mrs Robinson stands tall in a world of appeasers.

This blog pays tribute to Mrs Lisa Robinson of Ystrad Mynach. She is the lady who stood her ground in front of a train until the police had been called to deal with abusive football fans. What a magnificent star. I would have been well angered if I'd been on the train, but there's a limit. Too often, offensive behaviour of this sort on trains is allowed to pass. The train operators should chuck them off, and let them walk home. At the very least Cardiff City should ban these unpleasant so-called fans from future matches. Good on you, Mrs Robinson.

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Ex-Welsh Trowbride/Lansbury Park council house laddie, PhD, JD said...

Really it is about time that ordinary decent folk are empowered to stand up for their right to a quiet dignified life in contrast to having to put up with yobbish behaviour only because the authorities have given up the ghost on dealing with such issues in the real world believing its not worth it when in fact by ignoring such bad behaviour the yobs are empowered to act up and do more and decent folks are disenfranchised of their right to a quiet respectful life.