Monday, May 17, 2010

Resting - not dead

Being elected a Member of Parliament is a very big deal - especially if it was not a foregone conclusion. Simply do not have time to blog. During the last two/three weeks of the campaign I was working at the edge of my personal capacity. And then it was straight down to Westminster to join in the most tumultuous period of modern political history. But I will always be able to say that I was there. Big advance this morning when Jan began working for me - temporarily out of our Welshpool office. Eventually she will be based at a new Newtown office. Off to London now, for a week of 'swearing in' beginning with the Speaker tomorrow - which rumour suggests could be interesting. I'm expecting to be done on Thursday.
Anyway, took a stroll around the garden this afternoon - with my camera. The top photograph is the entrance to Cil Farm. It seems such a short time ago that I planted the horse chestnuts that frame the gateway. Pity all my fancy brickwork is covered up. David Cameron chops logs, and Gladstone cut down trees. I shear sheep and build with bricks. Second photo is one of our earliest Azaleas. By next week they will all be out. Our garden will be at its best. But the election ruled out any visitor groups this year.
This prunus is Edward and Karen's wedding tree - which they gave us as a sort of reverse wedding present.
And last up are our Canada Goose family. There were six babies this year, but one went missing - to where I know not. We try to farm the garden for wild life, and this family have been joining us every spring since we dug out the pond.


Anonymous said...

You need a duck house for that duck pond

Tcoash said...

"Being elected a Member of Parliament is a very big deal - especially if it was not a foregone conclusion."

People are funny creatures sometimes. Ask them in a marketing survey if they would buy an expensive prospective product and they might say yes, but when it comes to actually parting with money they think again and often change their mind. That's the kind of decision making that favoured you Glyn.

I think most folks will miss your blog posts, but understand that you are facing a lot of time consuming challenges just now.

Good luck in your new public service role!

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - I do have two duck islands - which I paid for myself. They have caused mirth at the BBC in Wales, and they have been up to film the them.

Tcoash - I'm looking forward to having the time to blog again - but I do not expect to be back properly for a few weeks.