Saturday, May 08, 2010

Fresh Start.

Have recovered from what has been a very strange few days. Had thought about extending my mini-break from blogging to something much longer, but have decided otherwise. Daughter, Sally is home and she has decided to make some changes to the site tomorrow morning. I suppose it is a bit odd that I'm still glyndaviesam. Whatever, I need one more day to fully recuperate. Being elected an MP will be a bit of a fresh start. I suppose not being elected an MP would have been a fresh start as well. Having to leave lots of much loved things behind. And will have to employ a part-time gardener. And NO - it will not be on expenses. Will do a blog post tomorrow entitled 'Reflections on Elections'. One bit of good news though. Some of you might remember Edna Mopbucket, who used to slip me the odd morsel of juicy gossip. Well, Edna's taken a shine to the straight talking Eric Pickles, and has wangled herself a cleaning job at Westminster. First shift, she reckons that she happened to hear the conversation between David Cameron and Nick Clegg earlier today. No idea what she wanted to tell me but I decided it would be risky for me to make any comment.


Anonymous said...



Nia Jones said...

Llongyfarchiadau Glyn!! xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hope you do carry on with your normal style of blogging Glyn
Fancy old Edna going with you
Hope she isnt a staffer lol
All the best in your new start, just dont take on too much too soon e,remeber there is life outside politics

bonetired said...

Please carry on blogging in your inimitable style ! You (& Labour's Tom Harris) bring a wonderfully human face to politics that is becoming rarer and rarer.

JB said...


Good luck tomorrow. If you can, urge the party to stand firm. It is my conviction that it is better to form and govern as a minority than to sell our soul to a Lib Dem agenda, so comprehensively rejected last week. Simon Hughes' comments are typical of their thinking that they are in the driving seat - which they are definitely not.

If their terms with the Conservatives turn out to be too inerous, any effort for a Lib Lab 'rainbow coalition' would be seen as a loosers plot, without any kind of mandate, doomed to disaster, and the participants would be annilhilated electorally in the subsequent aftermath. The Country also will not tolerate yet another unelected Prime Minister which would result in the event of Brown standing down as called for seemingly not only by the Lib Dems but also some Lab MPs

Best wishes as I said for tomorrow and the future.

Adam Higgitt said...


Congratulations on an impressive win and a wonderfully understated first blog post as an MP.

Adam Higgitt

Daran said...

Llongyfs, Glyn. Know you'll be a strong voice in Parliament. And great that you're taking Edna with you

Alwyn ap Huw said...

Llongyfarchiadau mawr Glyn - ask the gardener to cut a huge bouquet of flowers from the garden for Heledd to thank her for helping you to nail the celebrity.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Pace yourself - there's probably going to be another election within a year or so.

I'm no vote/election expert but even though I am from a poor background having grown up on some pretty rough council housing estates I do have a reasonable handle on 'math'.

I suspect that a statistic evaluation of voting patterns will show that it's not that the Lib-Dem Party got x number of seats per se that caused problems (and anyway they got fewer seats than expected), but crucially that the anti-Labour protest votes the Lib-Dems got in marginal Labour/Conservative seats blew it for the Conservative Party big time – cost the CP the majority they were looking for.

For every 10 anti-protest votes that went in such marginal seats to the Lib-Dems meant a vote differential of 20 votes that did not go to the Conservative candidate.

So the Conservative Party hierarchy need to hammer down on those now-currently held marginal Labour seats where the upcoming prospective CP candidate needs just a few votes to win.

Is anyone at the CP HQ modeling this stuff on a supercomputer? But it’s pretty basic math, but math that made a mighty difference on May 6th and will do so again in the hung-fix election that will come within a year.

Why don’t some Conservative guys set up a “Genuine Labour Party” of the old-school and run as independent Labour candidates in such constituencies? Only kidding.

Honestly, all its going to take is a few voting strategists to focus on such constituencies instead of focusing on trying to win seats from the Lib-Dems.

Tcoash said...

Readable quotes from today's 'Spin Doctor':

Lembit on MPs' work: “20% of everything we do is virtually pointless, the rest is pointless.”

How the spin-doctor sees you-hoo: "We have high hopes for your successor, trouserless tractor-driving Tory Glyn Davies."

Dr. Who had a word or two: "Fantastic".

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing your new blog, please do continue blogging - as it would be lonely for me being the only right-of-centre Montgomeryshire Blogger.

frankie said...

We were away during thr election, but both woke up on election night at about 2.00am, turned on the tv just in time to see the results. We were delighted to see you won of course, even if at first you did look like a rabbit caught in the headlights!

The next evening, what did we see, but Lembit Opik on "Have I got News for You". We are SO glad he is no longer the MP for Montgomeryshire.

Well done Glyn, you deserve it.