Sunday, May 30, 2010

Azaleas on fire.

We have around 50 azaleas in our garden - all sorts of colours and sizes. Today they were on fire. Most years we have group visits in June/July - but this year I've been so otherwise occupied that there has been no time to prepare. This dazzler is about 8 feet tall. Should be viewed through dark glasses to protect eyesight.
This deep yellow is one of the most attractive that we grow. We've planted half a dozen of them fairly close together for impact. And it works. This photograph includes two of them.
Pink azaleas are not my favorites, but I've included this one to show the variety of colour available. We also have several white azaleas, but still not big enough to justify inclusion in my choice of four.
I had to include the old fashioned yellow that often grows in the wild. It carries a nice scent, which Mrs D likes - but I cannot pick up myself. We grow lots of these in shady sites under larger trees.

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