Sunday, May 23, 2010

Family Album

Our two grandchildren have not appeared on this blog for a while. Little Darragh, as he is invariably described is a very cheerful young person. No 3 son, Tim and Adrienne are blessed. His mum lifted him up for this photograph. He is just five months old.
And here's Ffion. No I son, Edward and Karen are also blessed - but she's quite a handful. Ffi is two and a half, and does not like to be left out of anything. When I said "lift" for Darragh's photograph, up went her arms in sympathy.
And here's is Edward. At 1300 hours today he opened his birthday presents, which included a flying lesson. I had to take him to the Welshpool - Montgomeryshire Airport myself - in case he refused to get in the plane. Here he is inspecting the vehicle. I heard him asking the tutor what happened if the propeller stopped turning. Tutor laughed - but I thought it was a fair question.
Anyway, the 'hugely brave' Edward finally boarded the plane, and here it is on a fly past. Immediately after this photograph, the pilot pulled his joystick back (if that's what they do) and the plane shot up about 100 feet. When he eventually landed, he claimed to have enjoyed himself.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely to see the family thanks Glyns
The baby is so sweet and my goodness Ffion has grown
They have lots to be proud of in their Taid :>)