Monday, April 19, 2010

Welshpool 'Hustings' tonight.

Montgomeryshire matters it seems. BBC Wales ran a televised 'hustings' meeting in Welshpool Town Hall tonight. Betsan Powys started the night off by announcing the findings of an ITV Wales opinion poll which was published earlier in the day - which was good news for the Lib Dems, and not for the rest of us. The Labour candidate found consolation in that our vote dropped more than Labour's. Clearly a man easily pleased. Biggest surprise to me was the collapse in the Plaid vote. Anyway back to the debate.

Again I was impressed by the leg-biting viciousness (accompanied by a lovely smile) of Heledd Fychan. I disagree with a lot she says, but I'm a real fan. Such fighting spirit. I hope that she finds a way into the National Assembly at some stage. I remember a Labour opponent named Angharad Davies in 1997 who impressed me in just the same way. Could never understand how they let such a political talent lie unfulfilled. I suppose Heledd would inform that she intends to become MP for Montgomeryshire on May 6th. And so do I.

I wasn't impressed with Lembit at all. OK, so he was on a dodgy wicket - but he must have been expecting it. He's supposed to be this great debater, who has appeared on Question Time 14 times. Well, it didn't look like it to me. Looked as if it was his first time in front of an audience. At one stage he actually said to the people "I work harder than the people who criticise me". Honestly he did. The audience laughed like drains. And then he told Heledd not to be 'naughty' when she butted in. Sounded as if he was talking to a three year old. To me it looked as if this little girl had him by the ankles and seriously rattled.

I never watch programmes that I appear in, but Mrs D (who did) tells me that I should try not to speak as if I'm talking to a conference. And others tell me I should adopt a more confrontational. But I decided years ago to keep a tight rein on my aggression (which has only ever led to problems) - attacking only in self defence. My angry face tends frightens the horses - which was fine on the rugby pitch. Whatever, there will be a discussion on this in my office tomorrow. I thought it was an entertaining programme - to watch and appear in. I hope people enjoyed it.


Becky said...

Heledd Fychan was all hot air and no self restraint - I was expecting to be seriously impressed by her, but instead she was unprofessional and inexperienced. I couldn't trust her with my vote.

Lembit defended himself as well as could be expected, Heledd's attacks probably did him more good than harm.

I thought you came across experienced and honest. You addressed the windfarm issue with honesty.

Your self restraint in not attacking Lembit is in my opinion absolutely the right thing to do.

I've not decided where my vote will go yet but last night was very useful food for thought.

JB said...


I really was a shame that 'Our Hardworking MP' myth wasn't exposed. Many people know that his better than all the rest statistics arose from an extraordinarily active February and March when he multiplied his normal work rate several times to boost his Hansard entries and question statistics. Indeed his diligence in this period extended to asking several questions about traffic accidents in Greater London.

He was though clearly rattled in contrast to yourself. I thought you handled the private education remark from the LibDem plant very well.

Incidentally, Heledd has blogged that Opik lost it with her after the radio session lunchtime yesterday.

Between you you must have him worried.

Anonymous said...

That Labour guy might as well have not turned up, he was usless!

Anonymous said...

Thought Heledd was superb last night. If it wasn't for the fact that I passionately want Opik and his frightful lifestyle out of this county, I would vote for her!
Thought you were a bit subdued, but at least you had the advantage that Heledd could do all the terrier work for you!! We need more women like her in politics. Opik was clearly rattled and came across as petty and huffy, the hilight being his snapping at Heledd not to be so naughty.....Who on earth does he think he is!?

frankie said...

Hugely entertaing, and was good to see Lembit's expenses and his freebie cruise brought up, he looked decidedly rattled.

His "don't be naughty" comment to Heledd made me very angry and it just exposes him as the sexist idiot he is (just read his articles in the Daily Sport to see for yourself his attitude to women).

I thought Heledd conducted herself well, although she does come across as naive and inexperienced - but as you say, plenty of talent and she should do well in the future.

Not much substance in the Labour candidate - what's his name again??

You handled yourself with dignity - and you're quite right, that is what most of us want in Montgomeryshire - a hard working MP with dignity, which I believe you will be.

Don't take any notice of the polls, it will all change in the next 2 weeks.

DORIS said...

Sorry to disagree with Becky on all counts. Heledd was a welcome surprise. Bright and sparky and not at all afraid to stick one on Lembit. Lembit's defence that his cruise was a matter of judgement hit the nail on the head. It is exactly that, a matter of judgement. Lembit has shown that this is what he lacks - See Daily Sport for further proof.

As for your performance, it was OK but you are a much better blogger than panelist and ten times better than the poor Labour man. I hid behind the sofa lest I witness a car crash.

By the way my opinion doesn't count, I don't live in Monty.

Anonymous said...

Well I DO live in Mont, with a vote that counts, and was a Liberal voter until I witnessed Lembit Opik's truly embarrasssing behaviour on the programme last night. Hid condescending behaviour towards Heledd was so out of order and has made me think that he IS the MCP that others claim him to be. He also let the nicey nicey mask slip and came over as angry and not getting it. I'm trying to decide whether to vote you, Glyn, or Heledd

The Armchair Liberal said...

Lembit Opik is a joke, a massive thorn in the side of Liberal Democrats. Whilst I could never support a Tory (nothing personal, you understand), lets just say I wouldn't lose any sleep if the Liberal Democrat contingent in the next Parliament lacked a certain B-list celebrity from Montgomeryshire.

Anonymous said...

Whilst I agree with JB about the 'hard working MP' comments I did think that Lembit defended himself as well as could be expected really - His answers to questions on schools and the environment were very good.

I thought Heledd was good too - I liked her fisteyness - though she could probably do with toning this down a little.

You were solid enough - though i didnt think you looked as confortable as maybe you could have been.

Great show - really enjoying all the TV debates

Anonymous said...

Heledd was very good at attacking LO, and saying vote for me and I will put Wales first - but said very little about what concrete things PC/WNP would actually do. You came across much more statesmanlike than LO ever could. The Labour fellow was an affable non-entity. You handled the Wind Farm issue very well, whereas Heledd just said more power for WAG. The assembly govt hasn't showered itself in glory so far - re: TAN8.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Would have been great to see Heledd Fychan on full throttle - sadly I'm out of the country so can't watch Welsh TV.

But to be fair, the Conservative Party has its seriously engaged and compassionate PPCs, take Susan Wade Weeks - yooooo. Imho, one of the most spot-on politicians in UK politics today. Tomorrow? Who knows? But its Glyn Davies by a mile in Montgomeryshire; 'when all is said and done', Montgomeryshire deserves and needs an experienced hand at the tiller.

If you don't believe that experience counts for something - then look no further than the way the U.S. economy is being driven into the ground, particularly the small business sector. It is now so bad that small businesses are fearful of what's next coming down the tube from their own government. We are frightened almost to death.

Sad to say this, but many American small business owners are giving up the ghost - how relevant is this to Welsh politics? Well, as America goes, so does the EU/UK ... Wales. As American small business sector implodes - demand for imported goods will decline and with it Wales absolute level of exports to the USA.

The USA small business sector is losing ground big time - c/o inexperienced leadership.

Glyn has small business experience and exposure to large entities.

Today, more than anytime during modern British history, experience is what counts.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Glyn but you seemed to be a bit of a non-entity in the debate.
It definitely became the Lembit and Heledd show. I found she was a bit agressive, too eager perhaps. All things considered i think Lembit held up ok.

Anonymous said...

Thought Lembit exposed himself for the sexist idiot he is and the fact that he couldn't control his temper was v significant. Came over as quite nasty when rattled. He continues to refuse to face up to his greedy exes claims and grasping cruise trip. Thought Heledd was great. Given a tad more experience, she'll be brilliant. Thought you were like Cameron in the leaders' debate - could have been a tad more forceful. As per other blogs, baffles me as to how anyone here could ever vote for this egomanical fool of an "MP"

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

"Day in Politics"
On the Lib-Dem front looks like the press-pack are on Clegg's case down to his inside-leg measurements. Also of note is Gordon Brown's statement along the lines of he will quit No. 10 if he feels he can't contribute something tangible to the UK, which would be the case if there is a hung Parliament.

DORIS said...

See what Ian Dale has to say

"Do have a listen to the Richard Bacon Show on 5 Live from 3pm to 3.30pm when I will be taking part in a mock leaders debate with a difference. I will be taking on the role of Nick Clegg, Lance Prince is playing David Cameron and Lembit Opik is Gordon Brown. We'll be fielding real questions from listeners, with Richard playing the ringmaster. I'm not sure how much of a p***take this is supposed to be or whether we are supposed to be totally serious in our roles. We'll soon find out!

Quite why Lembit has agreed to take part in this is anyone's guess. I'd have thought that seeing as he's fighting a marginal seat, he ought to be devoting himself to his constituency. But then again, he hasn't been doing that for years now, has he?"

When will Monty wake up to the fact - the man's a fraud. It's the judgement, stupid.

frankie said...

Doris - I expect after the press hysteria about Nick Clegg being the next best thing to a warm duvet, Lemsip thinks he has it in the bag without bothering to troll around Montgomeryshire begging for votes.

So he is doing what he much prefers to do - that is - appearing on a bit of nonsense on the radio, rather than doing somthing in his constituency. After all, he's made it quite apparent that all he really wants is to be a celebrity.

Janet said...

Saw you on TV last night Glyn.
Tell me have you had new dentures on the top ?
You looked to be strugling.

Anonymous said...

Lembit Opik has always put his big ego before the people of Montgomeryshire. Politics for this dodgy man have always been about propelling him to the fore. He thinks h'e soo popular in the constitiuency and that he doesn't have to bother canvassing for votes. He's always been arrogant. He'd way rather do trivia on the Radio or TV than talk to the people of Mid Wales. It's all about HIM

Anonymous said...

If the pole results after the 1st televised debate had shown David Cameron to be on top, then glyn would be singing from a different hymn sheet i'm sure!

as for the welshpool debate on bbc1 wales, glyn looked like a ragedy old ewe that was losing it's fleece. have you not heard of a comb?

frankie said...

Give me a raggedy old ewe any day to an egotistical, sexist, idiotic, embarressing tw*t that is - Lembit Opik!!!

Anonymous said...

Hear hear Frankie. I don't live in the area and so don't get how Montgomeryshire could possibly vote this embarrassing joker back in. Could someone try and explain the Mid Wales mentality to me svp?

Anonymous said...

I am now back from Scotland and able to add a few words on the debate. HF was very good indeed and will have picked up some youth/brassed off voter support - GD is very fair in saying she will go far. LO came accross as experienced - but perhaps too experienced and complacent. GD you were 100% right in not attacking LO - THOUGH YOU COULD HAVE POINTED OUT HE WAS ABSENT FOR THE POST OFFICE CLOSURE VOTE!

NC from Labour came over as a well meaning, sincere individual who I guess has only visited Montgomershire a few times.

It was sad to see now LO - who I know did such a great job on Newcastle Council for the City and the Liberals had lost his respect for the people he currently represents.

Every good luck to you Glyn - I am not a Tory - but I know you love your county and will work for its - supporting all

Anonymous said...

Ano 10:47. I think you mean that the people he represents have lost all respect for Lembit Opik, it's long been realized that he couldn't care less about his constituents. As long as he can remain a MP he can keep appearing in Hullo magazine and tawdry quiz shows on TV. that's all he really wants. Montgomeryshire people have had enough and want to see the back of him.