Sunday, April 11, 2010

Debunking the Vince Cable myth

Blogfest. Fourth post tonight. Since the Conservatives have been making the running with the proposal not to implement Labour's reprehensible tax on jobs in full, both Labour and the Lib Dems have quite disgracefully sought to claim that a future Conservative Government would raise VAT. As far as I know, this was pure invention, and the media should be equally ashamed for giving such claims any publicity. To make it worse, the media did not believe what it was reporting. But for some reason, if Labour's new bestest friend, Vince Cable says something, no matter that its completely without foundation, its reported as if its fact. No wonder people are disillusioned with politics.

Anyway old twinkle toes has been caught out. Several blogs are reporting his conversation with Jon Sopel in today's Politics Show, in which he informs us that he made the whole thing up. Just imagine the hoohah there would be if George Osborne had done such a thing. Ah, the joys of campaigning without the prospect of actually winning. Well, I'm doing my bit to expose the house of cards that is Vince Cable by linking to the relevant Conservative Home post here. Just read it, and allow the scales to fall from your eyes.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is like a London bus!

Nothing for ages - then four come along together!

On a seperate not- is the conservative party saving paper? I drove up through B&R last week (A470 south to North) and saw loads of blue signs on stakes with DAVIES emblazoned all over- very good me thinks- but B&R??
Then in small letters I sa the word Suzy preceeding it! Good publicity for both of you!

Pob hwyl- a pob lwc!

Anonymous said...

It's noticeable how the LibDems have shifted tactics in the last 10 days - since tory poll leads increased and the chance of them holding the balance of power slips away, they have cosied up to Labour (as they ALWAYS do). I just hope and pray that the LibDems NEVER get a chance to infect their revolting anti-British views on the country.

Tcoah said...

The Lib-Dems want just one thing: the total destruction of what it means to be Welsh, English or Scottish. The way the Lib-Dems run Cardiff being a case in point. The working class Welsh on the East side of Cardiff are regarded with as much affection as a half eaten (meaning swallowed) maggot found in a half-eaten apple. If you are not left wing and middle class: then just eat your mutton and shut up - that's where the Lib-Dems come front.

Sabrina said...

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Anonymous said...

This might sound like a stupid question, but are the Welsh AMs running too? Are they up for election the same time as Westminster or is the Welsh Assembly on a predertermined/laid down in law election schedule like in the USA federal election cycle?

Anonymous said...

Welsh Assembly elections are separate, not due until next year (2011) - but there are English local elections on 6th May however.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

There's another myth that Welsh Labour want you to believe, that "WAG Knows Best" wherein the simple truth is: WAG's mindset is set to reverse/neutral as far as developing the Welsh economy goes or rather doesn't go.