Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lying on the doorstep is contemptible

There's a lot of talk about a new approach to politics. Hooray for that. We can start by stopping telling straight forward lies about each other's policies. And we should also stop trying to mislead voters about other parties intentions as well. I do my utmost to stick to the truth - no matter what I'm asked. In the long run, I reckon its electorally positive. On the Radio Wales midday phone-in last Monday, I was forced to tell the Montgomeryshire Labour candidate that he was "not telling the truth". If he'd protested I'd have called him a liar. He had just told listeners that the Conservatives were going to abolish free bus passes - which they are not. And he knew they are not. Now, I've been emailed to tell me that my political opponents were out in the Garth Owen area of Newtown yesterday spreading the same sort of lies about the winter fuel allowance. What utterly contemptible people these are. How can their spouses sleep with them - if they have spouses that is.

And now we learn that Ed Balls, a Labour Government Minister is up to the same tricks. How on earth are we going to restore public confidence in our electoral system when we have senior politicians telling bare faced lies in public. Getting things wrong is one thing, but just lying knowingly is not acceptable. Mr Balls, and those who were lying in Newtown yesterday are not very nice people. They deserve to lose - which of course they will on judgement day, if not on May 6th.


blogmenai said...

'Dwi ddim yn cytuno efo chi yn aml Glyn, ond mae'n un o nodweddion anarferol yr etholiad yma bod y Blaid Lafur yn dweud celwydd noeth yn hytrach na dilyn y drefn arferol o droi'r gwir.

Mae hyn yn llusgo goslef yr etholiad i'r gwter, ac mae gennych fy nghydymdeimlad ar y mater hwn (os fawr ddim arall)

Glyn Davies said...

blogmenai - a ble dych chi'n angytuno a fi blogmanai. Dw i wedi clywed llawer o bobl yn dweud bod nhw'n angytuno, ond mae'n nhw'n stuck os bydda i'n gofyn am siamplau.

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - Sorry but cannot allow that comment. I know exactly how you feel, and agree, but jsut a bit too strong for me to allow.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

"How on earth are we going to restore public confidence in our electoral system when we have senior politicians telling bare faced lies in public?"

The Liberal-Democrats as a party don't believe in the UK or its traditions, so they have no bother about lying at the doorstep or in their literature or in keeping criminally obtained money.

Glyn Davies said...

Christopher - I genuinely do not know which of my opponents were lying on the doorsteps in Newtown yesterday. I was emailed to warn me of what was happening by a resident, with a suggestion that I should rebutt what was being said. I was so angry to begin with that I said that I did not want to know - because I would have found it difficult to be civil the next time we meet - and to show anger in public will never do.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Take Clegg - the way he has milked expenses - at both UK and European level. When challenged he made some remark about living in a 'parallel universe'. He is a very wealthy guy but thought nothing of claiming more than he actually spent on air fares. "Nick Clegg has admitted taking expenses for business-class air travel while actually flying economy as a member of the European Parliament" and there's Kirsty Williams complaining about International Business Wales.

Clegg went to private school, his parents are absolutely loaded to the gills, he has had a very privileged upbringing and there he sits lecturing everyone else not to do such things. I haven't noticed Kirsty Williams launching a tirade against her boss making money on his expenses, claiming for business class while flying on the budget airline BMI Baby.

The head of IBW didn't not pocket money, Clegg did.

To my mind Clegg is an expense scam artist from a very wealthy background - meaning he had no need to pocket that money.

menaiblog said...

Ahem - 'dwi'n deall eich bod eisiau meddianu'r tir canol yn wleidyddol, ond 'dwi ddim.

Camgymeriad ydi rhan Cymru yn y cywaith Prydeinig heddiw, a bu'n gamgymeriad o'r cychwyn.

Mae fy ngwleidyddiaeth i wedi ei seilio ar y canfyddiad hwnnw. 'Dwi'n cymryd nad ydi hyn yn wir am eich un chi.

Anonymous said...


This comment is really meant for you and not as one to be published on the blog.

Just done a few word searches on your blog for issues that are important to me, and was impressed by your honesty and willingness to pin your colours to the mast.

(Particularly regarding your personal views on abortion and euthenasia - I really admire your willingness to challenge this issue honestly, knowing it is not the commonly held or popular view.)

To me, it is a shocking and terrible fact that the current government have done more to protect the fox, than they have for the 200,000 babies who are killed each year, in the most part as a form of contraception. The loss of innocent life in itself is purely shocking, but add to that the untold misery of the women who choose abortion in panic and have to live with the consequences for the rest of their lives. Depression following an abortion brings further consequences in the form of relationship breakdown and poor mental health (affecting the economy). Its not popular or 'intelligent' to vote on such 'side issues', but family is part of the fabric of society and abortion eats away at that fabric in fundamental ways.

In my conscience before God I feel compelled to vote for justice for those who cannot vote, namely the 200,000 unborn babies a year.

As a christian I will be praying that God gives you favour in the upcoming election.

I've got no political alliance but I will be voting for you.

Many Thanks.

JB said...

Time has arrived Glyn for a press release highlighting this issue of political dishonesty, locally and nationally.

Good luck.

alanindyfed said...

One of the best ripostes of the campaign!

You won't find Eurfyl lying on the doorsteps!

suzy davies said...

It's the Lib Dems who are taking away winter fuel allowance from some pensioners

Anonymous said...

Alan - Eurfyl ap Gwilym is a typical WNP/PC spokesman where they espouse Independence but still want increased funding from the UK. He never answered Paxman's question about how Cardiff will fund Wales' bloated public sector without outside cash. The Welsh economy can never support such a public/private ratio as it currently stands.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the ITV news the other night. On about the lib dems fake photos and then the news reporter said thet they were with a voting farmer in mid wales. Yet he was on of there members on PCC. So not just the doors steps they lie in the paper and now on the tv. Is there no end to the rubbish that they will get out. I voted Lib dem at last election i will NOT this time

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Anon (10:51)> it's all about 'power' - the Lib-Dems lust for power is so great they will lie, cheat and keep money obtained by fraud and at the same time claim the moral high ground.

It's quite sickening to see it. The Lib-Dem party even go after homosexuals when it suits them, the way they treated that great hero of our times, Peter Tatchell, while running as a Parliamentary candidate for election in Bermondsey where he was set-up and targeted for being a homosexual by Simon Hughes, a senior member of the Lib-Dem Party.

I've never met Peter Tatchell, but that doesn't mean I don't hold him the highest regard. This man is a human rights hero and has suffered for it. He has sacrificed his own well-being taking on real thugs, and yet to get power Simon Hughes trashed him on a very personal level.

Anonymous said...

Hey there all of you that think Lembit Opik is NOT a joke - take a look at yesterday's guardian on

This should surely convince you that he is not fit for purpose!

Anonymous said...

They say people get the government they deserve. I say that if the people of Montgomeryshire continue to accept the lies of the Lib Dems in the county, then they well deserve Lembit Opik as their MP. For the life of me, I don't get why anyone would even consider voting for LO for even a nano second.....

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could ask in tomorrow's hustings whether LO's "religious conversion" now extends to him joining the temperance movement!
See that there's been mention of him possibly coming THIRD !! Though I doubt it very much, what a wonderful thought

Savonarola said...

Sad post to read.

I suppose the lies, distortions and half truths are a back handed compliment to the possibility that your candidature is being taken v seriously.

Sorry I cannot join you on the door to door. Have been working in Africa and am on the move again. Vote in the post.

Whatever the result fight the good fight. You have done a lot since deciding to run. Your decision reminds me of the words of Sir W Scott(and apologies to him if incorrect)

A man either fears his fate too much
Or his deserts are too small
Who fears to put it too the touch
To gain or lose it all.

The voters will decide and whatever the outcome you have given them something to think about.

Anonymous said...

Hope Cameron's performance tonight means you get a boost in my beloved home county. My vote is in the post with a cross against your name. Good luck to you, Glyn.
Please do your utmost to stop us being a laughing stock with the Lembit Opik connection. We deserve so very much better!

Anonymous said...

What is worse is people writing your name on other parties signs and stealing them !
I know that the police have leads on this matter and are investigating further into the guilty persons.
Crimminal damage and trespassing is not an attractive quality in anyone and is in no ones best interests !

Anonymous said...

All the very best to you Glyn for this coming week. Just hope that you and Heledd between you can rid Montgomeryshire of the toxic growth aka Lembit Opik. I so hope the Portillo moment of the election happens in Mont. I will be truly disgusted with local folk if they vote the dangerous joker back in

John said...

Totally off-putting Glyn to see Lib Dem posters painted over, smashed up and even some of yours put up infront of them on people's properties.

Guess the Tory party hasn't changed, at least not in Montgomeryshire. Same old Tories. Smacks of desperation.

How can we "vote for change" when you appear to the average passerby as the exact same people as 20years ago?

I don't expect you'll respond to this comment as you have the habit of shying away from democracy and hiding comments that don't serve you well on here. Not good enough.

Anonymous said...

In reply to Anon 02.11pm. I'm quite sure Glyn had nothing to do with the defacing of signs! Must admit to having a wry smile to myself when I saw one of Lemsip's covered in paint. Rather goes to show his unpopularity, I would say. It would be pretty grim if he gets in again.

However, I do think that judging by the amount of signs everywhere for Heledd Fychan - she is the one who is going to be taking a lot of votes from Lemsip, I just hope not so many that Glyn suffers.

Have already voted for you by postal vote Glyn, as we are away this week.

Good luck on Thursday - will be rooting for you.

Anonymous said...

John - where is your evidence that ANY of this vandalism is Tory inspired? You have none! Do you really think that they would be so dumb as to put their own signs ontop of vandalised LibDem ones. It is being done by someone other than the Tories in my view. It wouldn't surprise me if the LibDems were doing it themselves to garner sympathy and incriminate the tories. I have no evidence for this, but the same as John has none for his claims! In my experience the LibDems are more likely to resort to dirty tricks than the Tories. Remember the misleading LibDem newspapers?

Glyn never shys away from democracy. As I understand it, he only blocks comments that are rude, personal and slanderous against Lembit. That's hardly the actions of someone trying to undermine Lembit is it? John, get real!

Anonymous said...

I've been told that the defaced posters are all to do with the general dislike of the arrogant Opik in this area. I can well believe that......

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Best of British/Welsh tomorrow Glyn. It's about 6 PM here (Washington, DC), so you are just 1 hour away from the big day. Good Luck - but you don't need it - just VOTES!