Friday, April 16, 2010

Strange happenings in Montgomeryshire.

Hey voters, there are candidates out here who want to be your MP. Thousands of us - many been striving to catch your eye for years. Was all this effort of no consequence after all? You really would think so if you were to take today's media at face value. The only thing that counts is 'The Leader's Debate'. The record of delivery, or of probity, or even character of individual candidates is to be set aside. All that matters is a televised debate amongst party leaders. Well, I just don't buy it. And if it is true, we might as well hand selection of our MPs over to the National Lottery.

I watched last night's debate. It was better television than I expected. I thought all three came over quite well - except perhaps Gordon Brown when he tried to focus too much on attacking David Cameron, rather than telling us about his own policies. Nick Clegg seemed the most relaxed. He had not much to lose, and because even he does not think he's going to be the next Prime Minister, can say what he likes. David Cameron and Gordon Brown both believe that they might be Prime Minister, and can say only what they will deliver. Some people seem to think David did badly - but I thought he did really well. And I think he'll do even better next time. I also think Gordon Brown will be better, and Nick Clegg will 'bomb'. Now that we know he's a competent debater, he might be asked to explain some of his policy. His stance on immigration is particularly daft.

Must admit that I was disappointed when it was agreed that these debates would happen. I've always been unhappy with them - mainly because of the danger that they might devalue the worth and effort of individual candidates. But its too late now. These debates will be a dominant feature in all future General Elections. I want the people of Montgomeryshire to decide where to place their mark on the basis of which local candidate they think will represent them well - and the choice includes candidates whose leaders were frozen out of things last night. But I did think it good entertainment, and I'll watch next week.

There's something about politics in Montgomeryshire. Today has been another interesting day. Montgomeryshire's Assembly Member has been told that he will face charges of common assault, and his party has relieved him of the party whip. I suppose that means that today is the first day that Montgomeryshire has not been represented by a Lib Dem AM. And I hear rumours that more news may emerge over the weekend. And to cap it all, I hear that someone has declared that he intends to stand as a National Front candidate (not even BNP) in the General Election. Maybe there is something special in the local water.


Anonymous said...

The broadcasters are hyping the debate for their own ends, they've got another two debates to sell. Don't tell me that the reaction in the opinion polls was anything to do will the debate, it was all to do with the broadcaster subsequent hype.
They are playing fast and lose with our democracy and the countries future.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Well it's like this. If the Lib-Dems do well the country will be stuck in a hung Parliament and that will be seen by business as a huge disaster and business confidence will go south in the middle of a depressed job market.

Anonymous said...

Is it true you'll be in a televised debate with the other candidates Glyn? Say what you want about Lembit but he's a good speaker, you'd best be prepared

alanindyfed said...

I suppose that the general run of voters, after their endorsement of Nick Clegg in voting him the winner of the Debate, have never heard of the Lib Dem's Machiavallian activites in Montgomeryshire.

Anonymous said...

Just to add to ANON 3.36pm 's comments, not only be prepared, but directly ask him just how he can justify the articles he writes for the porno rag that is the Daily Sport and how much he gets paid for it. Also ask him to justify the all exes paid + fee luxury cruise. And what about Basher Bates? What his take on that now that he's out of the party? You HAVE to ask him all these questions, because LO is a shameless hypocrite and will say anything to get himself out of a fix. It's down to you and Heledd to expose him. Whatever happens, do not let him get away with it. He is shameless

David Thomas said...

Careful - Mick has been summonsed not charged

Anonymous said...

Theses scare stories about hung parliaments ignore the fact that Germany has a more stable economy than our and they've had hung parliaments for years.

Of course the real reason you hate the idea of the debates is that it gives parity to the Lib Dems and stops you being able to say "it's a two horse race", because as the polls are showing, it isn't.

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - Broadcasters may be well be 'hyping' things up, but with considerable success. Personally, I canot understand what is happening, but no point in denying that it is. The 'commentator' part of me finds it all very intersting.

Chris - None of this seems to be of any consequence. The new idea is that if we smile sweetly, and talk policy-babble, we win more public support.

Anon - Yes. No idea how I'll get on. Lembit has shown himself to be good ast milking applause - but I think that both Heledd and I can look after ourselves ok. Luckily, I'm rarely phased by anything.

Alan - Many people in Montgomeryshire don't know about what has been going on. Genarally, its not reported locally - but Mick Bates' problems really hit the headlines a few weeks ago.

Anon 3 - Most of it is in the public domain already. Making too much of all these things will allow him to play the 'victim card' which he is rather keen on. Anyway, its just not the way I do my politics. It would be different if it was not public. I cannot make the local media cover the freebie cruise, which I thought was the most outrageous abuse of all.

David - I was careful. The BBC reported that Mick is going to face charges of common assault. He will be summonsed to appear. He has not yet been charged.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Glyn - I sense the frustration, but for several obvious reasons the tide will turn the other way - if there's a hung Parliament more people will end up on the scrape heap resulting in further untold misery for families and a second election where the Lib-Dems would be crushed. Better to get it right the first time round.

Glyn Davies said...

anon - In Montgomeryshire its the Lib Dems who insist its a 'two horse race' on every leaflet they distribute. Seems its only the Lib Dems who can beat the Tories. And by the same reckoning I suppose its only me who can Lembit Opik.

Christopher - Its more disbelief than frustration. Only way I can cope with election campaigns is to fall into a Zen like cacoon of calmness - so nothing really bothers me. Years of public service and three years as an unusually active candidate, and one man told me today that he'd made up his mind which way to vote after watching the first Leader's Debate. The world's going mad. Simon Cowell would walk in anywhere as an Independent.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

"The world's going mad."

It's going American Glyn!

Even in rural Wales.

It's some kind of national hypnosis achieved by watching dumb-downed TV and failing to engage brain - assumed premises is what I call it.

Or as one TV detective put it: "It is what it is". (Detective Frank Pembleton of Homicide, "Life on the Streets").

Anonymous said...

Glyn, sorry, I still don't quite understand your issue with the TV debates?

Surely this is the best way of making politics and politicians more accessible to people - particularly younger voters many of whom feel so far away from the goings on in Westminster would never of otherwise voted.

I guess I just think it’s important that people know who their voting for.

Anyway, looking forward to hearing how you get on tonight in your own TV debate!