Thursday, October 06, 2016

Press Comment about Shropshire NHS Reform.

Glyn Davies, Conservative MP for Montgomeryshire, has reacted with both concern and disappointment at news that progress towards deciding on the future structure of Shropshire NHS services and location of new 'Emergency Centre' has been delayed yet again.

David Evans, the Senior Responsible Officer for the Health Board’s ‘Future Fit’ Programme, yesterday announced that due to recent specific concerns about the Programme’s decision making process, the Programme Board is delaying its decision on a preferred option for the future of Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital’s for at least a month.

Commenting on latest position, Glyn Davies MP said;

"Montgomeryshire depends on the NHS A&E services based at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. And over recent years it has become increasingly clear that trying to sustain A&E services at both Shrewsbury and  the Princess Royal in Telford means, in practice, that the capacity to deliver effective emergency care in Shropshre as a whole is under threat. The population base will support just one."

"Millions of pounds have been invested in meticulous research, consultation and calculation to establish a way forward that is best for the people of Shropshire and Mid Wales. It’s gone time for decisions and actions. We were expecting a clear recommendation about future direction yesterday. It is both disappointing and frustrating that a decision has been delayed yet again."

"Let it be clearly understood. Any further delay is a threat to future NHS care for Shropshire and Mid Wales patients. Consultants will leave Shropshire NHS, unless we have early reform to provide a safe and effective service. I have always believed the only logical location for an 'Emergency Centre' is on the site of the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital."

"I accept that a decision to locate the new 'Emergency Centre' at Shrewsbury will be seen as negative for Telford, though I do not believe this should be the case. It is so desperately disappointing that crucial reform is now being held up by threats of a judicial review, which could delay progress. If there is delay, it will put patients at risk into the future."

“We are being told that there will be a recommendation on the way forward made in time for public consultation in early December. For the sake of future generations resident in Montgomeryshire and Shropshire, I hope this turns out to be the case"

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