Saturday, October 08, 2016

More turmoil in Shropshire NHS.

I suspect this post will need updating on Monday. I've only just read about the latest change at the top, in the management of Shropshire NHS. Over the years my blog, A View from Rural Wales has often commented on what's happening over Offas Dyke, in Shropshire. That's where my constituents look for their NHS care. We don't have a major hospital in Montgomeryshire at all. My last post was about yet another delay to NHS reform in Shropshire.

Today's news is about Mr David Evans, who has been 'Accountable Officer' of the 3 important organisations deciding on the location of services following desperately needed reform, and also delivering those services as effectively as possible until reform takes place. I think the 'accountable officer' is another term meaning 'the boss'. 

It's a bit complicated for anyone not familiar with the NHS management structure. Top tier are the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). There are two - the Shropshire CCG and the Telford and Wrekin CCG. These two CCGs established a new organisation, the Future Fit Management Board, to make recommendations about the future. I think getting on for £3million has been spent on this.  Mr David Evans is 'Accounting Officer' of all three bodies. Today it was announced that he is being replaced, with almost immediate effect from the Shropshire CCG. Dr Simon Freeman will take over next week. The only information I've seen so far is that the debts facing the CCG are such that special measures are needed. The projected debt for the current year was £14.5 million, and has been brought down to a projected £11 million by year end.

Now I don't know enough to be critical of anyone. Don't even know what's 'planned' or 'unplanned'. But uncertainty is a real worry for patients. Last week we expected to be told what recommendation would be put out to public consultation on Dec 12th. But because of a threat of judicial review, the decision was put off - hopefully for a short period allowing the consultation to still begin on the 12th. Failure will mean significant delays, perhaps up to six months. This would be catastrophic for the people of Mid Wales and Shropshire who are (and will be) awaiting treatment. An update on Monday.

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