Sunday, October 16, 2016

"Making your mind up"

Bucks Fizz do it their way. I do it 'My way'- and so does Boris. The process of developing opinion is an individual thing. My way is never trust instant decisions. Think about the question, consider the options, discuss with others, then decide. First instinct is of course a part of this. Even after all that, I sometimes change my mind. I don't like to be rushed. That's what I think Boris Johnon did before coming out in favour of backing the UK leaving the EU. Actually, I thought we all knew that. Hasn't stopped the BBC running this total non-news story as their lead today. I suppose it feeds into the Beeb's refusal to accept the referendum result.

Now let's turn to the much lesser fish, the MP for Montgomeryshire. My instinct was Leave, having voted 'Out' in 1975. Accepted the vote then and worked in several positions to ensure the EU delivered benefit for Wales. Was fiercely opposed to us joining the Euro though - where we were saved by Gordon Brown. I was not enthusiastic about the EU Referendum. Perhaps naively, I believe the whole structure would one day collapse. Still do. I did not campaign, not being impressed by the campaigns. But on June 23rd I had to choose. Like many I approached the vote with much uncertainty. Never in doubt that I was always going to vote 'Leave' but I did think it was impossible to reach a fully considered position. Also thought this would apply to so many others. Never expected Leave to win, and felt quite stunned on 24th June. If we had decided to remain I would have accepted the result. But we voted 'Leave' and that is what I expected to happen.

Now let's move on 6 mths, to today. On June 24th, we were expecting Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty to be invoked immediately. It's what the then Prime Minister had promised. Also, EU top team demanded an early invocation (if that's the word). Not willing to open discussions before they said. It's what they still say. Personally, I took totally different view. Luckily, our new Prime Minister agrees. Article 50 should be invoked at the at the most beneficial time -for the UK and the EU. I rather fancied it to be on Feb 16th, my birthday. The Prime Minister thinks before end of March. There seems to be a growing campaign for MPs to have a vote on this beforehand. Can't work out what this vote is supposed to be about. Clearly it cannot be about terms of leaving the EU because no negotiations will have taken place. And the Prime Minister will totally destroy her negotiating position if she told us what the UK view will be before negotiations start. Truth is that the 'Remain' side do not accept the referendum result, and want MPs to reverse it - while declaring the opposite of course. Don't know how this affects the typical British voter, but it's changing me from being relaxed about the issue, to being totally committed to 'Leave'. Personally, I think there would an explosion of voter outrage (fully justified) if MPs decided not to invoke Article 50, and if I were Prime Minister, (now there's a thought) I'd be tempted to bring the invocation date forward. 

However, I do expect votes on Brexit after the Queens Speech though, as MPs debate the Great Repeal Bill. It will be very interesting to see which MPs will vote against the Bill, which MPs refuse to accept the voice on the people. It may well be quite a dramatic vote. Whatever, I do expect a rare old rumpus over this. No idea how it's all going to end. Perhaps I should write another post tomorrow outlining an 'opposing' position to help me clarify my thoughts!! 

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