Thursday, May 19, 2016

Not Politics as we've known it.

I will be voting Leave on June 23rd. Thats not in doubt. But despite normally enjoying a good debate, I am so disillusioned by the tone of public discussion on this issue that I cannot summon up the will to become involved in it. In fact, I don't think I've ever heard such nonsense (both sides and bordering on the bizarre) spoken ever in my life. It's as if real argument, evidenced facts and logical debate have all been suspended. For example, we are expected to believe the Treasury know where the economy will be in 2030!! We are expected to believe a vote to Leave might lead to another World War!! We are expected to believe there will be another £350 million a week extra to spend on UK public services !! It's all nonsense.

Have to admit I did not welcome the In/Out referendum, announced in early 2013. During the period leading up to the announcement, I used to warn fellow Eurosceptics to "be careful what you vote for". I did want a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. Or any other treaty change. Voters would have stood a chance of understanding the arguments. I did think, as in 1975, the result would be a Yes vote, leading to a massive 'green light ' to further integration. Not so sure about further integration now. Disillusionment in growing across the EU, will continue to grow, and will be causing real consternation amongst the integrationists. I've always thought that at some stage the massive EU bureaucracy will come tumbling down. It will be a very dangerous moment for the continent of Europe.

There are two reasons underpinning my vote to Leave, which can be loosely catagorised under the headings 'sovereignty' and 'democracy' - short-hand, but hopefully conveys my meaning. I know very well that neither of these are pure or simple concepts. Though I consider myself European, and support the idea of working closely as possible with fellow European states, I have never bought in to the idea of the UK being subsumed into an undemocratic bureaucracy. That's how I saw it in 1975, and it's how I see it now. I support the idea of people feeling they have influence on the decisions that impact on their lives. And that they know who they can eject from representing them at elections. The consequence of decision taking by the unelected in Brussels, and being represented by individuals they know very little about will lead to the growth of support for mavericks (sometimes benign, sometimes dangerous). 

This morning, I was asked by a particularly sharp and able political journalist about what I thought would be the result. My view has never varied from believing the voters will back Remain. Being a 'Leaver' is like being as Aston Villa supporter throughout the last season. They love the club and stay loyal but knew they were going down. But 'going down' is only short term. Villa will be back, and may well be irresistible in 2/3 yrs time. Voters tend to go for 'safety' in the ballot box, and tend towards the status quo. But I do not think it will be politics as we've known on June 24th. Too much water has flowed under the bridge, and inflicted a bit of damage to the foundations. 

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