Wednesday, May 18, 2016

First Day of Term in Cardiff Bay.

" Hey Neil, I've got a cracking idea".  "Ok, share it Mark". "Why don't you refer to Leanne and Kirsty as political concubines in the chamber today". "Great Plan Mark. You were wasted in Kent. And anyway Burnham just called Westminster an irrelevance. You're a natural for the Senedd". And the seven laughed and laughed uncontrollably. "And Neil, the bonus is they will completely ignore the Tory leader. What's his name again. And Kirsty won't be able to speak because she's not a party leader any more". And the plan worked like a dream. Seven AMs only, and yet media coverage to dream of. "And what is the Welsh for concubines anyway. How are Newyddion going to cover the big story of the day? The seven musketeers are probably still laughing now - perhaps over a pint at the Eli. Ok, Ok, so I made all this up. Or did I? Anyway, they would be in two groups in different hostelries!

I'm told new Presiding Officer, Elin Jones did well, letting proceedings become a bit rowdier. Nothing like as precious as her predecessors. I do miss it. I'm also told Leanne Wood put in a bravura performance, portraying herself as 'opposition'. Fools no-one of course. I do wonder whether it actually fools the Plaid 'tweeters ' who are so desperately trying to deny that Labour and Plaid are in a 'coalition in all but name'.

Also told Carwyn's master stroke is to do nothing for 100 days, so everyone can settle in. Please, no jokes about last 100 days!! Personally, I've no objection to any Government doing nothing too radical for 100 days. Spain had no Govt at all for six months and the economy has improved. But I suspect the pesky MPs other end of the M4 are going to spoil Carwyn's sabbatical. Queen's Speech today. There's going to be new Wales Bill to deal within a week or two. Perhaps he and Leanne better have another private little chat about sorting that out. Intrigued to know what Neil is going to have to say about it!

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