Monday, May 09, 2016

I'm backing Andrew RT Davies

Inevitably when a party's election results are not as good as hoped for, there will always be some consideration and comment about party leadership, including perhaps some self assessment by the leader. Today, I appeared on the influential Good Morning Wales on Radio Wales, and was asked about the future of Welsh Tory Leader, Andrew RT Davies. Asked me to comment on a few other issues as well. 

I had no hesitation whatsoever in offering full support to Andrew. No-one could have worked harder. No-one would have done better. So let us consider the actual result of last week's election. On the face of it, falling from 14 AMs to 11 AMs and falling behind Plaid Cymru, losing the title of 'Official Opposition' is disappointing. But in reality, losing three 'list' AM seats was anticipated because of the great success of UKIP (predicted and actual). The Liberal Democrats were similarly hit by UKIP's success. The disappointment is that we did not take any constituency seats. We were unable to build on Tory successes at last year's General Election. In fact the only party to lose a constituency seat was the Labour Party in the Rhondda.

I was also asked about Andrew's decision to publicly declare his support for the UK to leave the European Union- perhaps because I had refused to express any view on the EU Referendum issue until  after the Welsh General Election was over. My response. I will never be critical of a politician who expresses an opinion. Too often politicians are afraid to say anything controversial, preferring to avoid expressing an opinion.

So this blog post is a tribute to the work and commitment of Andrew RT Davies, and support for his continued leadership of the Conservative Party in Wales.

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Anonymous said...

I am disappointed that Aled Davies was not elected as a Mid & West Wales regional AM. Afterall, the Welsh Conservatives polled second in this region but secured no AM's here. One Plaid, Two Labour and One UKIP. I have included a breakdown of the Mid & West Wales results below.

Plaid Cymru Votes 56,754
Welsh Conservative Votes 44,461
Welsh Labour Votes 41,975
UKIP Wales Votes 25,042
Welsh Liberal Democrat Votes 23,554

Very sorry to lose Bill Powell from Mid & West Wales. He was an excellent AM and helped me with several issues where I felt Russell George would not understand.

Perhaps the most sensible conservative saved her own bacon by jumping ship to Westminster.
Antoinette Sandbach was second on the list seat for North Wales in 2011 and duly elected; resigning to take up her seat in London last year.
Had she been second on the North Wales list again this time around, she too would have been a very high profile casualty of the rise of UKIP. The only reason I point this out is because of all the Conservatives in the Assembly, Antoinette would have been my choice to replace Andrew RT Davies should he choose to resign as leader. I see no other natural leader serving as a Welsh Conservative AM which could replace Andrew RT Davies.

Such a loss of talent has gone from the assembly or a worthy successor never got past the post this year. Instead these have been replaced by inflated ego's in the UKIP pantomime which only won 11% of the vote here in Mid & West Wales. Maybe it's time Wales considered STV for next time?