Monday, December 31, 2012

And a Happy New Year to You

Over the next 6 hrs, I intend, accompanied by my wife, to take a drink in the village pub, before collecting friends. The four of us will then return to our home for another glass of champagne. I know this will be frowned on by the Whip's Office as being unacceptably ostentatious. But if its OK for Boris, I reckon its OK for us. And then its on to a dinner party with a larger gathering of friends, where we will see out 2012, hopefully in good spirits. A taxi is booked.

Before setting out on tonight's festivities is an appropriate time to reflect on happenings of 2012 and my expectations for 2013. Despite the remorseless dialogue of austerity, it was mainly a year of joy. At least it was for those of us who are committed monarchists and keen sports enthusiasts. My best memories are of the tubular bells clanging their way down the Thames under typically British cloudy skies and the poetry of David Rudisha's movement as he ran the most perfect race I've ever seen - bar none. Each year has its sad moments as well, and for me it was the service in memory of April Jones in Machynlleth. There is always evil lurking there as well.

2013 will begin well for me, as patients attend the new Renal Dialysis Unit at Welshpool next week - the culmination of much local campaigning and enthusiasm. I am also looking forward to a debate I have secured in the House of Commons on 8th Jan. I am keen to speak well, and inspire others to join in debate on the Liverpool Care Pathway. But I am fearful of a potential vote on Parliamentary boundaries reform in late January. It may be that I will have no choice but vote against my party whip for the first time. Most of my colleagues have done so without serious injury, but I do fear that I would feel it to be an act of disloyalty. Am unsure how that would affect me. I had hoped to end my Parliamentary career without ever voting against my own side. I'm happy to disagree with policy, but to move to the 'dark side' is just not something I do. It will inevitably make me a different sort of MP - whether lessor or greater I do not know.  I also hope that the Gov'ts in both Cardiff and Westminster will accept that it would be an act of brutal anti-democratic vandalism to allow wind farm bullies to impose the Mid Wales Connection on the land where I, and so many others have always lived and loved.

Bouts of ill health over the years have made me realise that I am quite resilient, and that no matter how bleak I sometimes feel, optimism will eventually surface. As we move from one year to the next, it is optimism that grips me tonight. So its a Happy New Year to all who visit this site.

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Roy Norris said...

Nice one Glyn,
you could always be away from The House at the boundary vote....