Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Varied Job of a Politician.

Yesterday's Telegraph reported on the death of Mrs Margaret Herbert of Folkestone in Kent - or more precisely the burial of Mrs Herbert. She had loved her garden so much that her daughter has decided that her mother should be buried in it - nearer to the neighbours than they want. There is no law against being buried in your garden. I've expressed that wish myself, but Mrs D is not having it - and I'll not be in a position to argue, assuming I die first.

At least Mrs Herbert did own the garden concerned. Reason this story caught my eye is that I was once approached by a constituent, who had been involved in a dispute about ownership of part of a garden. The dispute had continued throughout their lives, and led to the neighbours and their families speaking only through solicitors for 30 years. Anyway when one of the protagonists died, his family buried him in the disputed plot - just 3 ft from the neighbour's sitting room window. The neighbour approached me, hoping I'd be able to do something about it. The local authority concerned would not become involved and I didn't fancy resorting to a spade myself - so I ended up not being able to do anything. As far as I know the body is still buried there. I should add that this was when I was representing Mid and West Wales as an Assembly Member. Being a politician is a varied job.


green lane burial field said...

Anone can be buried on private land with the owners consent. Maybe you should be more assertive!

Anonymous said...

Alrite Glyn!?
You said last week that you would raise the Team GB / Welsh Olympic Team at PMQ's last week..... there was not PMQ's last week!!

Will you raise it this week instead?!

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - Not that easy. Chances of coming up in PMQs is poor, but I've submitted for Questions to Jeremy Hunt on 12th Dec, where there's much more chance of being called.

Anonymous said...

Cool! Although PMQ would have been a bigger stage- I understand you may not get a chance to speak. Unsure at how Parliament works- do you get picked at random or ballot? and why do people stand up after each question in PMQ's?

On another note, I saw this on twitter:
Why are the lights on in Welshpool Hosp during the day!!?